Echofon for Twitter 2.5.2 – Multiupload

So apparently echofon has discontinued its support for its twitter client on firefox, which of course, makes me a very very sad panda.

It’s quite difficult to find a good alternative, since the rest of the 3rd party twitter clients out there are basically choke full of useless features I don’t need. I mean, ppl who use echofon should know it’s selling pt is its simplicity, no?

So imagine my elation when I found mozilla has an archive for addons! even discontinued ones.

Firefox’s Echofon for Twitter builds –

They have 2.5.2 as their latest one, I’m not too sure whether that’s the latest release, but 27th sept 2012 seems about right to me.

and for good measure, I’ve uploaded the xpi on Multiupload, Just holla in the comments section should the links be dead.

As long as twitter doesn’t screw up anything(or Mozilla, with its crazy among of totally unnecessary  updates) this should work.



Through a couple of comments over here, I found out that Twitter has discontinued its API 1.0, thus rendering the vanilla, discontinued Echofon for Firefox obsolete.. 😦

However thanks to Gio, who left a comment on my post with a link to a working(tested it myself) version, I’m glad to say that ECHOFON FOR FIREFOX IS NOT DEAD YET!!

Echofon for Firefox Ver. 6 FIXED

Echofon for Firefox Ver.6 FIXED – Mulit-Upload Mirror

*NOTE: If you are downloading from the 1st link, latest version is Ver.6 as of time of writing, ie. “echofon_for_twitter-2.5.2-fx-jahiy-6.xpi” for Ver. 6

**NOTE: Once you’ve downloaded and unzip the above-mentioned folder, you will have two files, Ver. 1 and Ver 6., I have no idea why 1 is in it but just install Ver. 6 and ignore Ver. 1

And for those who are unsure whether this is safe,  I managed to track down the original creator of the fix, and all his codes are published here,on github. granted I am no tech whiz but I don’t think you would share your codes to the public if you had any malicious intentions?

Still, he/she claims those codes on github are outdated so it’s really up to you to judge. I for one use twitter for recreational purposes so it’s not that impt to me. All I can say is the fix works for me with no problem whatsoever.

I’ll update though, should any thing pops up.

Big props to Gio, for the heads up, and of course the creator of the fix, jahiy!

Enjoy! And thanks guys for your comments! 😀


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Just when I thought, after so much searching, that I’ve found a new mask that i’m comfortable in, events in my life made me unintentionally hurt someone that matters to me, and now I don’t know what to do and I feel absolutely horrible..

and when I think of going back to my old mask out of desperation, it twists and burns my heart oh so painfully.

Because it reminds me of you,

I just can’t.

I guess I’m just broken beyond repair.

Fuck this.

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Viral Factor

viral factor poster war

So I went and caught “The Viral Factor’ with a friend today. It was kinda a spur of the moment thing and i totally didn’t know what I was in for, all i could think of was ‘hahahaha jay chou! confirm acting gona be rubbish like poker face’.

boy did i end up eating a pack of poker cards when I left the cinema. It was surprisingly a very nice show!!!

Not gona spoil if for ya guys but I can say the attention to details, the acting (except for jay chou, dude still has a long way to go, but to be fair, he improved quite a bit, and seriously speaking, for a singer that’s alot of praise!) and the story. wow mind-blowing.

They managed to capture the typical action (Gun handling was particularly realistic, something not usually common in the olden hk action show days. I guess they know many of us are getting pretty gun-savvy with all those COD, BF, ARMA games lol), the story of good and evil, siblings love, family ties, meld it together and weave it out perfectly in a short span of 122mins. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Even the ending was well executed. (cause u noe some show intro/middle good, ending like shit)

Nicholas Tse character was particularly well portrayed, from the design/image and especially the emotional scenes.. woow i really think it has something to do with that period where he was going through divorce with his then-wife. the nose snot… u really gotta see it man hahahahah!

Speaking of emotional scenes, yeah there’s quite a few and all were well captured. really stirs something inside ya.

Good things aside, I believe this show could have been better if they were to film it somewhere else. No offence to Malaysia here but seriously some of the scenes and kacang putih actors quite cmi.

and i guess when u focus too much on the good guys, the bad guys tend to be forgotten or overshadowed. In this case I don’t even know who is bad guy #1, #2, or #3. They all look the same! even the supporting casts looked like they were there just to waste the Malaysian air…..

Non the less, Overall I’ll give this show a 9/10

Go in with an open mind people, it is the awesome!

PS: No I do not know how to pronounce the title of the show in chinese. lol


On a mission to protect a scientist who has stolen a copy of the smallpox virus, Sean (Andy On) betrays his team of police officers in order to get the virus so he can mutate it into a biological weapon, develop a vaccine and sell it to a corrupt pharmaceutical company. The failed mission leaves Jon Man (Jay Chou) injured and his girlfriend Ice (Bai Bing) dead. With two weeks to live, he decides to spend his remaining days with his mother (Elaine Jin) who tells him that he has a long lost brother, Man Yeung (Nicholas Tse) whom she left behind with his father, Man Tin (Liu Kai Chi). Jon decides to track Yeung down in Malaysia but upon arrival, he discovers that Yeung has become a wanted felon and is part of the plot orchestrated by Sean. Jon is drawn into the conflict, not only to protect his family but to ensure his brother does not go further down the road of unrighteousness and to take down Sean’s operation for good.

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only some people can think like that.

So just the other day I saw this fb post about work, and in it i felt there was this one sentence that I just think was the most retarded.

1st of all, ‘you can never finish doing work, so don’t work so hard.’

WHATTTTTTTTT? You have to bathe tomorrow also, so just lick yourself today can already?

Seriously, people who can actually agree with this kinda saying, is to me people who will never advance far. At the end of the day it is not about finishing your work, it’s about challenging yourself and proving to others how capable you are.

Let’s face it, who is willing to work at a place where they will not be appreciated? and again, lets face it, if you just quietly do your work LIKE THE REST, go home at the same time LIKE THE REST, you think your boss will pro-actively come and see how hardworking and humble you are?

True, people always say, boss got eyes can see. but CAN SEE IS DIFFERENT FROM CAN DO! If you don’t actively show that you want to advance, people WILL take you for granted. They are not your father your mother why should they think about your future? There are nice ones I’m sure, but how lucky can you be to have a nice boss that appreciates you when you are not even in their radar??

one boss, so many employees, you act like a sheep, you be prepared to die like one too.

Another thing is, they also mentioned go home spend time with your family is more impt than doing work, then i can only say this to you,

‘when you have no money, or you feel you are not advancing enough, you see at the end of the day who will suffer with you lor.’

Just because you give the stupid excuse that ‘work cannot finish forever, so donnid to work so hard’, your family end up suffering with you.. as compared to sacrificing your time so that your family can have a better life. Which sane person will choose the former?

Work hard, Work Smart, and be prepared to sacrifice for your long term goals!

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Microwave ALL the food!

HIIIII long time no see.

damn really start to wean off blogging already lei. last time i blogged was in oct! anyway, just bought a microwave recently. YES MICROWAVE HAHAHAH!

$99 instead of the usual $149! harvey norman 10th anniversary sale when i bought it.

Anyway I realise before I got microwave, keep feeling my toaster oven very lousy then alot of things cannot cook, and only a microwave will do many magnificent things and i should get one.

Then now that I got one, i feel knn alot of things use toaster oven cook is better! i just microwaved frozen pizza and it sucks. loool

I really have no idea who gave me the idea that a microwave is far more superior. nabei.

anyway thats all, nothing much to say except my job sucks (whats new?) and I think I’m really very thin now. tsk. maybe should stop all the jogging and start toning up.

meh. lazy to think. bye!

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The sorcerer and the White snake

So yeah before watching this show I pretty much checked out a couple of reviews and most said it was sucky, so i didn’t really expect much outta it when I started watching.

But heyyyyyy, I actually kinda think it’s not that bad after everything was over. Of course it is not as good as 徐克 (Hark Tsui)’s 1993 production but if you don’t compare it and treat it as a standalone, it’s pretty all right. Abit ‘off’ here and there (bat boy? srsly?) and the end was pretty draggy. I have a feeling they were trying to make you feel like it’s the most epic fight scene of the century but I think due to the bad CGI the effect just didn’t pull through, but it was rather funny at the beginning and the acting was all right(in regards to current generation standards) so I’m rather satisfied with it.

Anyway, the theme song was awesome so I decided to search for it. Along the way i realised the beautiful white snake was actually the same girl in Kungfu Hustle! I donno about china but I think at that point of time she wasn’t famous enough to be found so easily on google, so I also forgot about her until now.

The theme song is 许诺 btw, and surprisingly it was sang by Eva and Raymond. I was watching the cantonese version of the show you see, so when the theme song came up I really didn’t expect that it was by the two of them.

Last comment I have about the show is all those guest appearances, I mean it’s cool and all but I felt it wasn’t really necessary. Like the Vivian Hsu scene for example. But meh, no big deal.

Overall a 7 outta 10 from me.

Oh yeah, I also watched Cars 2, and I found out the reason doc passed away was because the voice actor passed away in real life and they felt it was inappropriate to replace him. Although they have no qualms with replacing another dude that passed away too. Hur much?

Anyway, I’ve got nothing much to say in regards to this – a kids show to entertain kids with. Totally pales in comparison with the first one.

5.5/10 from me. need to try harder.


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I realised..

You know, sometimes I see people’s phone ah, I will get extremely annoyed when I see apps arranged like this on each page:

zabalang home screen

I mean, seriously? This is OK with you? Not annoying at all?

There is no order and uniformity! You’re not maximizing the space given to you! NOT EFFICIENT AT ALL!!!



I mean really, is it so hard to arrange the apps nicely? sheesh.

Anyway, I love Subway and I’ve been diligently trying to kill my ulcer and be careful what I eat just for today!


Bedok Point has one, so went up there and as expected effing many people.

Subway queue

Once in a blue moon only you will see subway so many people.

This is just one quarter of the queue, it makes a U turn and snakes inside. at least 30+ people infront of me. Waited for 1hr 15mins before I got my 6 inches’.

Got Veggie Patty and Chicken Bacon Ranch. Ask them don’t put jalapenos still go and put, nabei.

And I don’t understand why VP is under their Premium menu, totally no taste! lol.

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