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Dead Space 3 & Aliens: Colonial Marines

Completed both DS 3 and Aliens: CM over the holidays. Shall give a short review as I’m going out soon.

First up, DS3.  I’ll just address the impt questions going through those who are hesitant about buying this game, and then some.

Also, take note I ran through it on SINGLE PLAYER. Moving on,

Biggest question: IS THIS REALLY DEAD SPACE?

Have played both 1 and 2, read a few of the comics, and think of myself as a veteran of survival horror games (under my belts are some games like Resident Evil[the earlier, REAL survival horror ones], Siren, Fatal Frame series, etc.) . With this credentials, I guess it’s safe to say it’s a step down horror and a step up on action.

Fans who want to have the occasional ‘jump outta their skin’ experience and teeth biting shaky hands heart pumping feeling will be disappointed. The fear just isn’t there. Maybe it’s because I am used to playing the series, hence I know the formula:

oh see a switch there? a big room FULL OF VENTS? many explosives/freeze/emps canisters lying around?

better start reloading and preparing your health packs kid!

And I don’t quite remember this in part 1 and 2, but I noticed there are areas that are repetitive?? to the point where I don’t even know whether I’m actually going through the same place, just different doors, or I’m at an entire different area, with repetitive rooms!

It’s amusing more than annoying though.

but again, like I said, if you are looking for the scare factor like in 1(and maybe, 2) You will most probably be disappointed. The best this game can do at scaring you is the lame ol’ open the door and BAM! the necromorph’s literally kissing your face. and I seriously mean it, they don’t even attack you, It’s not scripted. They just appear and KISS YO FACE FO’!

Fans who enjoy a game where they can shoot shoot shoot kill kill kill kill! are in for a treat though. It’s really like the latest few resident evils, except not as drastic. The choice of weapons upgrades and attachment will keep you intrigued throughout, although I really question the effectiveness and sense of giving you scopes. srsly? in a game where the enemy runs at you like michael bolt on crack and you are most of the time in enclosed space?

Nope. A scope is useless. I can count with one hand how many times an enemy actually stood far far away while letting you snipe it.

Stasis attachment is the way to go, son. It’s like the seeker rilfe of dead space 3.

And also one very critical point why this game isn’t exactly survival horror – ammo are universal! yep. no more inventory space management. heck you can even MAKE ammo and health packs with spare parts. The only reason why you would want to throw things out is because hell the enemies are dropping stuff like it’s Christmas! lol

Although there is a game mode for hardcore gamers where enemies don’t drop stuff and you have to construct them yourself. There’s also game modes for classic(no mp, original pov, blueprints from first game etc.) and survival(where if you die, you RESTART the entire game) once you complete the game, all these will be unlocked.

Question no. 2: Multiplayer

I’ll keep this short, since i have no chance to play mp. *arhem* basically being the purist that I am, I was horrified when they first announced mp on dead space. WTF? srsly? How is it scary with another dude beside u?

But after playing this game and seeing it being an action game more than a survival horror, and how the story actually unfolds, I’m quite interested in the mp and actually think it’d be more fun. Since they take different paths most of the time, and I heard there’s a bit of story changes between SP and MP. and not to mention some optional missions and collectibles NEED you to play co-op(how cheap!) but that’s about it. Give it a go and you will understand what I mean.

Question no. 3: The Markers

This is really more of a personal thought than part of the review.


Why are the markers not explored further? it’s like somehow someone at EA said, hey let’s make it EVIL, no more ‘some people hear warnings, while others hear convergence!’. Let’s just focus on EarthGov’s way of thinking, that it can be used to provide limitless power.

I am not satisfied. I think it’s just a hasty attempt at closing something the higher ups at EA don’t agree with. It’s like,

“We don’t have time to focus on what the heck the marker does! let’s just go with the same ol’ ‘humans need resources but in doing so destroy themselves’ logic and focus on the ACTION! that’s what ALLL GAMERS WANT!” -.-

I’m disappointed really, there was so much potential and I really was intrigued with their true purpose. Although I must say, the developers did a good job in linking it up to this point.

I really hope a new chapter opens up that talks more about the TRUE origin of the markers and possibly even the discovery of the black one.

So to end it off, should you get it?

Well, I don’t see why not, just don’t expect it to be like the first. There’s really nothing memorable about this game once you complete it. Although, well EA doesn’t usually make bad games either. They screw up good games, yeah. But with their abilities they don’t make bad games themselves, if you know what I mean.

I believe a 7.5/10 is a justified score for Dead Space 3

Moving on,

Aliens: Colonial Marines

I am a BIG FAN of Aliens, having watch resurrection when I was 12 years old, alone, in the cinema. I’ve also watch the rest on TV, some on Laser Discs, other on DVDs. I am also a big fan of the Predator series. Although with that said, I am NOT a big fan of the AvP movie franchise. except for the arcade game(Which was what made me love them in the first place) and AvP: extinction on the PS2. I’ve also play AvP on the PC before, both the 90’s and the recent ‘remake’, and well… although not as good, I thoroughly enjoyed it as a fan.

Anyway, I’m running out of time, and truth be told this game really isn’t worth a long review. So let’s cut this short.

Rent it. Yep. Do not buy. Think Gearbox make good games? well news flash, single player campaign was outsourced

I didn’t even smell a HINT of Gearbox style in this game at first, and after reading that piece of article. I finally knew why.

and srsly speaking who the heck needs a good dev team to make a MULTIPLAYER game? lol

Story: Bottom feeder crap

Weapons: cool, limited but does its job well

HUD, POV: woahhh needs a bit of time to get used to

Enemies, environment, weapons, etc: yep, gives you the whole Aliens feel; dark, can’t see shit, scary. There’s even a few heart pounding scenes that reminded me of why dead space was lacking(I went straight to Aliens after completing DS) And yep, Aliens CAN mow you down easily if you are not paying attention, which is good. Not like most games nowadays where you just can’t die. sheesh.

Gfx: YUCK. wtf is this shit?!

MP: Did not try.

Alright gotta cut this review short. again, rent it. It’s short man, 5-6hrs? and although it does give you the whole Aliens feel, the rest falls short on delivering. Totally not worth the price.

Buy it only if you’re a true blue Aliens fan! woot woot!

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Viral Factor

viral factor poster war

So I went and caught “The Viral Factor’ with a friend today. It was kinda a spur of the moment thing and i totally didn’t know what I was in for, all i could think of was ‘hahahaha jay chou! confirm acting gona be rubbish like poker face’.

boy did i end up eating a pack of poker cards when I left the cinema. It was surprisingly a very nice show!!!

Not gona spoil if for ya guys but I can say the attention to details, the acting (except for jay chou, dude still has a long way to go, but to be fair, he improved quite a bit, and seriously speaking, for a singer that’s alot of praise!) and the story. wow mind-blowing.

They managed to capture the typical action (Gun handling was particularly realistic, something not usually common in the olden hk action show days. I guess they know many of us are getting pretty gun-savvy with all those COD, BF, ARMA games lol), the story of good and evil, siblings love, family ties, meld it together and weave it out perfectly in a short span of 122mins. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Even the ending was well executed. (cause u noe some show intro/middle good, ending like shit)

Nicholas Tse character was particularly well portrayed, from the design/image and especially the emotional scenes.. woow i really think it has something to do with that period where he was going through divorce with his then-wife. the nose snot… u really gotta see it man hahahahah!

Speaking of emotional scenes, yeah there’s quite a few and all were well captured. really stirs something inside ya.

Good things aside, I believe this show could have been better if they were to film it somewhere else. No offence to Malaysia here but seriously some of the scenes and kacang putih actors quite cmi.

and i guess when u focus too much on the good guys, the bad guys tend to be forgotten or overshadowed. In this case I don’t even know who is bad guy #1, #2, or #3. They all look the same! even the supporting casts looked like they were there just to waste the Malaysian air…..

Non the less, Overall I’ll give this show a 9/10

Go in with an open mind people, it is the awesome!

PS: No I do not know how to pronounce the title of the show in chinese. lol


On a mission to protect a scientist who has stolen a copy of the smallpox virus, Sean (Andy On) betrays his team of police officers in order to get the virus so he can mutate it into a biological weapon, develop a vaccine and sell it to a corrupt pharmaceutical company. The failed mission leaves Jon Man (Jay Chou) injured and his girlfriend Ice (Bai Bing) dead. With two weeks to live, he decides to spend his remaining days with his mother (Elaine Jin) who tells him that he has a long lost brother, Man Yeung (Nicholas Tse) whom she left behind with his father, Man Tin (Liu Kai Chi). Jon decides to track Yeung down in Malaysia but upon arrival, he discovers that Yeung has become a wanted felon and is part of the plot orchestrated by Sean. Jon is drawn into the conflict, not only to protect his family but to ensure his brother does not go further down the road of unrighteousness and to take down Sean’s operation for good.

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The sorcerer and the White snake

So yeah before watching this show I pretty much checked out a couple of reviews and most said it was sucky, so i didn’t really expect much outta it when I started watching.

But heyyyyyy, I actually kinda think it’s not that bad after everything was over. Of course it is not as good as 徐克 (Hark Tsui)’s 1993 production but if you don’t compare it and treat it as a standalone, it’s pretty all right. Abit ‘off’ here and there (bat boy? srsly?) and the end was pretty draggy. I have a feeling they were trying to make you feel like it’s the most epic fight scene of the century but I think due to the bad CGI the effect just didn’t pull through, but it was rather funny at the beginning and the acting was all right(in regards to current generation standards) so I’m rather satisfied with it.

Anyway, the theme song was awesome so I decided to search for it. Along the way i realised the beautiful white snake was actually the same girl in Kungfu Hustle! I donno about china but I think at that point of time she wasn’t famous enough to be found so easily on google, so I also forgot about her until now.

The theme song is 许诺 btw, and surprisingly it was sang by Eva and Raymond. I was watching the cantonese version of the show you see, so when the theme song came up I really didn’t expect that it was by the two of them.

Last comment I have about the show is all those guest appearances, I mean it’s cool and all but I felt it wasn’t really necessary. Like the Vivian Hsu scene for example. But meh, no big deal.

Overall a 7 outta 10 from me.

Oh yeah, I also watched Cars 2, and I found out the reason doc passed away was because the voice actor passed away in real life and they felt it was inappropriate to replace him. Although they have no qualms with replacing another dude that passed away too. Hur much?

Anyway, I’ve got nothing much to say in regards to this – a kids show to entertain kids with. Totally pales in comparison with the first one.

5.5/10 from me. need to try harder.


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God only knows

So I just finished The world God only knows and I really have mixed feelings about it.

I mean the first 8 episodes were cool but right after that everything just went downhill(that’s also one of the reason why i finished it so late; i had better things to watch). sucky ending too. well hopefully S2 will be an improvement.

Anyway the only reason I’m blogging about it is cause of the OP. really awesome OP and I’ve always wondered who was the female singer. Wiki says the word ‘Oratorio’ means it’s ” a large musical composition including an orchestra, a choir, and soloists.”

okkkkkk…. doesn’t really help much since i’m looking for a female singer. continued the search and finally!

I present to you:

Elisa Tsubuyaki!

Damn cool song with a damn hot girl singing it! (Y)

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Maria Holic S2! and others

omg i noe i am so wols but realllllllyyy this is soooooooooooooooooooooo…. *Squeal like a little girl*

Maria Holic TV Anime Gets 2nd Season Green-Lit

TRAP TRAP FTW!!!!!!!!!! (the blondie’s a guy fyi. rofl to ya if you think she’s hawt. …and rofl’ed to me too. derp.)

UPDATE: DUE TO BILL 156, MH S2 may get canned, provided they can release it before july! 😦

anyway pertaining to my previous post, I actually have an anime i’ve acquired up to epi 8 but never really watched until i finished the post. Well I did and i really gotta say,



really wtf did i watched? I mean… you know, a wise man once said that too much fan-service can ruin a nice plot, and i, being a huge fan of ermm.. fan-service tot that he was BS-ing. well until i watched star driver!


Heyyy i’m all cool with looking at sexy ladies wearing sexy outfits with no sitting manners and a viewing angle of their their legs criss crossing themselves a hundred times. but wow, this anime does it for so long and so many times it kindaaaa.. meh.

and please don’t make me start on the ultraman-ish part of the fighting. (AND THAT INCLUDES THE REPEATIVE-NESS!) sheesh. It was interesting in epi 1-3, but i just pretty much skip to the fighting whenever he appears after that. and that sailormoon-ish change? totally fan-service for the girls. yuck.

Story wise……… I personally don’t enjoy plots that tend to throw a few hundred pieces at you and make u slowly piece them together yourself like a jigsaw, but wellllllllll at least it isn’t TOO confusing and GENERALLY speaking, they pieced up pretty well up till now.

though sam the octopus-eater still kinda makes me feel reallyyyyyyy weird. i donno maybe it has a deeper meaning? i’m not really the type to think when i do something for leisure, i hate it in fact. it’s about relaxing, having a good time! what is leisure if you have to think!!!!

although ironically, NGE, GiTS and  Hayao Miyazaki’s works are some of my favorite animes/manga of all time. (princess mononoke was what got me into the whole anime/manga sheedingengs too) but then again those are rare exceptions.

well bringing things back to the point(Star driver that is), I’m contemplating dropping this, the story’s the only thing keeping me going (OKOK the fanservice too, minus the overload), so i’ll give it like.. 2 more episodes?

ah well.

Oh yeah, scott pilgrim vs the world was pretty much an awesome movie, i really wonder why there really isn’t much publicity and fanfare over here. hmmm.


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Introducing Rockmelt! Ze Bastard child of Chrome and Facebook!

Rockmelt Introduction

Pretty cool browser, am using it now. I don’t know why though, I didn’t really like chrome before but rockmelt really makes me want to use it more than firefox, and I didn’t even download any extensions!  The features are as what it is stated in the video, and really, come to think of it the selling point ain’t really effective against people who are not really into the social media scene.

Though I gotta say it is rather convenient when you have all those fancy buttons just within reach.

With that said, There are a few quirks I’ve noticed and a few annoyances I cannot stand(mostly regarding chromium based browsers and not rockmelt specifically) which I’ll like to share, but since my memory is bad,  I shall name whatever that pops up in my mind now:

1. Search function

I could be really stupid here, but even though my default search engine was set to, it keeps directing me to whenever I do a search and I can’t seem to force it to use .sg. Me? or the browser? inconclusive for now.. slightly annoying, still.

2. Search bar

Yes the pop up box is fancy, but is there an option for it to auto-close when you click on a search result? kinda annoying when 1/3 of the screen is covered up when ya trying to read the main page.

3. Processes in task manager

I understand chromium based browsers uses a process for every tab opened, but I only have 1 tab opened and there was already 6 instances of Rockmelt.exe in my task manager! Googled for abit and the best reply I got was “if one of chrome(.exe) crashes, at least you have 5 more!”(which lead me to believe Chrome itself also has this ‘function’.) seriously wtf? Overkill much? 


Oh this is the one thing that I find so outrageous I thought Chrome(yeah this is chrome’s flaw) was released way before IE came about. I mean seriously, NO OPEN a download OPTION?!


It’s bloody annoying having files (like for eg. .torrent) saved to your desktop when all you needed was for it to be executed and be done with, not to mention I have to manually delete it off my desktop everytime I ‘finish using’ it.

And no auto clearing of downloads too! yes, it gets rid of the records but the physical files stays there still, so what’s the point? (I don’t need the record in the first place, either!)

Though It does seem like an extremely difficult (WARNING HIGH LEVELS OF SARCASM DETECTED PLEASE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY) feature to implement, seeing as it’s more than a year, and yet nothing’s been done.


These are just some of the flaws I’ve noticed, and even though I may look like I’m bashing Rockmelt, it’s actually pretty cool browser and I’ll continue using it. I’m sure the ‘problems’ specific to Rockmelt can be solved easily, and since it’s still in the early stages, let’s not be too judgmental.

As for chrome, bah bullshitty browser! I’ll still choose FF over it anyday.

I’ll continue to use Rockmelt, and unless it can come up with better things apart from their convenient fb, rss feeds access etc., I have a feeling my interest will wane and I’ll go back to FF, especially when FF 4.0 comes out! But for now, I’m indulging in the innovativeness of this browser.

Last but not least, I HAS INVITES! So if ya interested, just go ahead and post a comment, together with ya fb nick, and I’ll hook ya up! Winking smile


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Inception: My analysis, thoughts and questions

Unlike some know it all ‘gurus’ out there, I personally don’t think one can watch the movie and explain most of the important questions present in the movie, much less give the answer as to whether the top stops spinning or not in the end.

Thus, instead of trying to wreck my brain coming out with an answer to the ending( cause you don’t effing drive a car without knowing how a car works), I shall list down some of the things i observed, my thoughts, and questions I have regarding the show. Here goes:



There are, to me, 6 levels in the show.

1st level: Reality

2nd level: Raining city scene

3rd level: Hotel scene

4th level: Snow Fort scene

5th level: Cobb’s Limbo

6th level: Saito’s Limbo

There are two ways one can get into limbo: either one is heavily sedated and dies, OR in the case of Cobb and Mal, diving extremely deep into the mind. some ppl might argue: ‘BUT IT SHOULD BE UNCONSTRUCTED!! the one we see is FAR from being unconstructed!’

1st of all, google the meaning of unconstructed. (it is interesting to note that this word is kinda strange. I don’t think it is a common word in the English language, strictly speaking.)

2nd of all, next time when you watch the show again, during the warehouse scene, listen to what arthur says. Anything that is created in Limbo stays in Limbo. So yes, essentially the Limbo is like a public sandbox.

Though all these raises a few interesting points and question,

  • why is Cobb able to see projections(his wife) in limbo? you ARE in a place with no subconscious.
    • perhaps he already knows he is in limbo, thus normal rules of limbo does not apply to him?
  • Did Mal went into limbo too and stage a kidnap of Fischer? how is that even possible? a projection shouldn’t even exists in limbo, right?
    • If you’d had noticed throughout the movie, Mal hardly acts like a normal projection. She seems special, like as though deep inside of Cobb’s head lives Mal’s mind. perhaps when one is psychologically disturbed(cobb’s mind), one just has a unique subconscious?
  • The stabbing by Mal before being shot by Adriane. WAS IT FATAL?
    • If it was, that explains waking up on the beach and finding Saito.
    • If it wasn’t, well doesn’t explain why he woke up on the beach now, does it? (hence to me, I believe there are 6 levels.)
  • Visions of his children, were they memories? or projections?
    • I believe they were memories. but why do they keep appearing in limbo? Does it hold any significance in explaining the concept of limbo?

Point 2

  • 1a) Basic rule of thumb, one has to sleep in order to dream. If one realises he is dreaming and starts being unstable/tries to wake up, the level  in the dream collapses(saito’s extraction) or explodes awesome-ly(Adriane’s cafe scene)
  • 1b) From the movie, it seems that you must wake up in sequence before you can actually go back to reality(level 4 to 3 to 2… etc.)

when point 1a) and b) is put together, would it be right to say that trouble is to be expected if the dream invader does not wake up BEFORE the dreamer wakes up?

Point 3

but of course, they are still all in a dream(level 2) and it is still plausible that everything is still connected somehow.

  • Alternatively, a limbo could also be something so special it transcends beyond the very logic of dreaming, acting entirely independent and therefore opens up the possible event that Cobb could have managed to went back to reality without the need to go through the different levels.

Point 4

The sedative used was too powerful and one cannot wake up even if they shoot themselves, thus the only way is to wake up when the sedatives wear off AND/OR the briefcase machines stops.

So Saito’s action of reaching for the gun to(presumably) ‘kill’ cobb and himself will NOT WORK AT ALL. which begs the question, is there a limbo deeper than a limbo? *CUES X-FILES MUSIC*

  • Of course, if you were to put point 3’s alternate reasoning into play, then yes, perhaps killing yourself in limbo will awaken you. But that just feels kinda cheating, if ya know what I mean. =\

Point 5

Why didn’t the team rescue Cobb and Saito when they were drowning in level 2? If Cobb and Saito stays in the water, won’t they die? Again, note that dying won’t bring them back to reality, and both of them are in limbo at that point of time. so it is exactly the same as Saito’s action of reaching for the gun to(presumably) ‘kill’ Cobb and himself.

So they are dying TWICE, once in limbo, and once in level 2.

So what happens then?

  • but AGAIN, if you want to use point 3’s alternate reasoning, then ok, perhaps you can bypass the ‘waking in sequence’ rule and wake up to reality instantly.

Still doesn’t really help you understand what will happen EXACTLY if they drown and kill themselves in limbo at the same time.

Point 6

They say you scramble your brains in limbo, but what does it mean? you die? or you become retarded upon coming back to reality?

They say you get trapped there for many many many many years in limbo with no way out and eventually dying alone, cause your brain can’t draw the line between reality and limbo(could explain the scrambling). So how did Cobb know that he was in limbo in the first place(both with Mal and Saito), plus recollecting(I presume he was the one doing the recollection) every single detail that lead him to Saito?

And the theory that killing oneself will bring one back?

  • one can say the Cobb in Saito’s limbo has experience in being in limbo and thus somehow, part of his brain kicked in, recognized the place and managed to draw the line. but it still does not explain how Cobb knows that he was in limbo with Mal AND committing suicide is the solution to waking up in the first place.

Point 7

Notice that in limbo, there is no projections, if there is no projections, then there means there is no sub-conscious. Which begs the question:

What is it like to be in a mind with no subconscious? Does normal everyday rules we humans abide by even exist? I mean, in a dream things can get really wacky,  But put in something like ‘no subconscious allowed’. Wow, I really wonder what are the possibilities, really.

Can you even dream without your subconscious??

Perhaps this point is related to point 6?
Point 8

How did Eames get into the scene where Uncle Peter was talking to (i presume) his lawyer and entering the the room where Fischer junior and Fischer senior was in???

Point 9

Something interesting for you to ponder,

Notice that while in the hotel, Cobb was talking to his kids. If you were to be observant enough, you’d have noticed that Cobb’s daughter does not sound like she was acting her age(according to Cobb’s memory). It sounded much older.

This can be substantiated by going to IMdb’s case of actors. Notice that there are 2 groups of actors/actresses for Cobb’s children. My theory is:

  1. The director was having difficulty making 3 year olds and 20months old actually read out long dialogue, so they had to find older children
  2. Cobb’s time as a fugitive most probably lasted for quite a long time, and his kids has all grown up by then

So, if you were to put point 2 into play, then it pretty much explains the ending, no?

but of course it could also just be point number 1. and we can never really know since you can’t judge with your ears what you need your eyes to see.

Point 10

Perhaps this is not a big issue, but being a professional, why doesn’t Cobb have his own Totem in the first place? Mal has one, even Adriane, a newbie, makes one immediately like what? 2 days after learning the art of dream invading?

Kinda suspicious, no?

Point 11

Could it all been a dream? there were really alot of scenes where you were suddenly just thrown into the middle of. MY POINT 8 BEING THE MOST OBVIOUS.


Ultimately, I think one must understand the theory behind dream invading and Limbo before one can decipher like 90% of the questions present in the movie, especially the ending. It is just too open ended.

That is all i have for now.I may or may not add in more. This show is quite a mindfuck and hence serves it purpose. I mean, how many times do you dream of something sensible and logical? how many times can you say you recall a dream that actually was useful in real life in whatever ways?

Dreaming and limbo aside, a very refreshing and unique movie.

Worth a shot if you enjoy a good mindfuck or just leonardo’s acting in general. Not for those who don’t enjoy working their brains when they are watching a movie. IT IS REALLY A GREAT BIG MINDFUCK!


Good god, it’s 4.11am now and I actually spent 5 hours drafting this post.

Off to dreamland and see whether I can control my own dream. HOHOHO

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