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How things orignated – a very random thought

So see, troll on fb share stupid things, and morons decides to believe and start spreading the stupidity. very obvious scenario, in this day and age.

Now let’s go back to an age where people started practicing basic communications. Same thing. Except there was no internet, people were probably much less intelligent(not that we are that super intelligent now. oh god how i shudder at the tot of living back then) and the context was about ghosts, higher entities, monsters, myths and legends.

And since it’s so hard to debunk anything considering the lack of intelligence and the convenience of the internet, It starts to spread spread spread, and here we are today.

Come to think of it, the amt of lies in this world is too damn high. which really makes me wonder, why things didn’t work out like it should have the very first time your mom told you,
‘lying isn’t a good thing.’

Isn’t a lesson like this supposed to help? Isn’t this the very basics?

Obviously not.

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Shittalking angmoh! lol

Experience of an angmoh boss in sg

[Guest Post: i dun unerstan u lah!: An exposé of Singapore and Singaporean retardation]

Contrary to the topic’s title, before you guys start raising your pitchforks[i believe this will just fall on deaf ears though], I will say what I always like to say,

stop and think, think about why people are saying such stuff about us.

If you think he is wrong, DEFEND your country with a clear and concise counter, and not use stupid zabalang english to ask this ‘parasite’ to ‘fug off from here’, since that only enforces his idea that we are retards.

If you think his points are true, then IMPROVE. Because sometimes you really need someone outside of your house to actually see what kinda shithole you are really living in/on.

Cause srsly I do find most of his points to be valid. esp the govt spoiling us[we are all sheeps], overemphasis on unnecessary luxuries[must own car la but complain too expensive la, must buy minimum 4 room flat but also complain too expensive la], interview encounters, usage of appropriate English at appropriate times, drafting of emails incidences,[Yes I admit my engrand oso no the perfect, but damn me to hell if you ever see me typing singlish in my work emails!], crazy demands about jobs [ must got air con la, must got com with internet la, sat sun cannot work la, must be standard 9-5 la, cannot OT la, salary must be 5k even though I no work experiences but have a uni cert la]

(All the above are based on my own observations and i do admit some I am guilty of exhibiting too.)

However I think he is a bit too personal and there’s too little objectivity in the article. But then again it is a blog and people are entitled to their own opinions.

Bottom-line is, I feel there is no need to be angry at what people think about you, since you can never satisfy 100% of the world. And esp when the topic here is about doing business, where everything is cutthroat and stomachs and livelihoods are at stake.

If you think you are good, you are good – there are no problems.

And if you are not, figure out why and improve and be competitive. cause srsly, whining ain’t going make Mr John Smith the rich and powerful CEO hire you over Mr MaLing who costs 3 times less than you yet can work 6 times better.

It simply defies logic for Mr John.

Of course, if you are going to bring ‘things you cannot control'[read: govt issues] into the picture, then all I can say is,

2016 man.

Make the right choice.

PS: Read the comments too, they are pretty interesting.

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She gave me a dirty look.



It is dirty indeed.

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Life in a mspaint




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Random mspaint cause I feel like it of the day.


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Ever hold two magnets north to north(or south to south) and relish the  magical resistance that occurs, only to give up since no matter how hard u try, both will never attract?

A lady I know and myself is just like north meets north(or south meets south, sheesh this analogy is bad).

seriously, i can only be exposed to her for a little while. this ‘little while’ is pretty  fun and interesting n i really relish it, but i can never interact with her for too long, cause I know I will OD, and I will OD HARD.

Ah well, Life sometimes brings you really strange surprises. dododododoo~

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huat ah!

I hate gambling on a daily basis, even though there was a time during my sec school days where i play MJsss like thrice weekly. what can i say, i think mj is fun, of course if only money’s involved. cause srly, mj is effing boring if there are no stakes involved, same for card games and etc.

Never had too good of a luck either. I blame it on my dad, he sucks away all the luck with his habitual gambling.  the biggest i’ve won back then was $100+. the most I’ve lost was $500+, and mind you that was when i was in secondary school. pain like ding dong!

anyway i would say nowadays i just don’t gamble(4D is like 10 years 1 time kinda, literally) at all unless it is special occasions (like cny) and i don’t mind losing money to you. Else apart from that I’d rather use my money for better things. like burning it, or flushing it down the toilet.

Anyway this is just a pointless post  in an attempt to counter the lack of updates on this blog.

Btw I hate how shipping is calculated when you are trying to ship something over from the US. what CIF, what insurance, what gst, omggg giving me a really bad headache. especially when you have like $380+ worth of goods to ship over. damn you VPOST! you better not drop my parcel outside my house when i’m not around else you guys are gona get it!



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