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The amt of silly is too damn high!


What’s going to be so funny is the fact that 10 years down the road, this vivian is going to look at this article and go, “lol wtf was i thinking back then?”

Srsly, grades? they are nothing. out of the numerous interviews that I’ve been to, ZERO has ever looked at my transcript.

If you want to get that job, let me tell you the three most impt things you have to look at:

  1.  Interview skills; knowing how to tackle the SOP interview questions (which can be so easily googled) and the amt of confidence you exude.
  2. Your experience (related to 3)

1) Even if you have straight As, when you go into a interview and talk(murmur?) like a zombie, you think people will think you can? cb simple thing like expressing yourself also cmi, how you expect me to give u a people’s job? (Comfortable jobs with good prospects are usually jobs where you interact with ppl. FACT.) However, I have seen MANY cases of salesman being bosses of their own. So doing a back end job will only get you so far.

2) Experience – that’s why i say certs don’t matter. Cert involves subjects. Subjects you most probably won’t even touch at your workplace.

How’s history doing for you dude? Social studies? lol eh how about geography?? HELPING YOU ALOT IN YOUR WORK I’M SURE.

(An exception will be mathematics, contrary to popular opinions, math is a good judge of how good your brain can function. It is true you will most probably not use algebra or differentiation on your day to day life. But deep down, it will affect. srsly. only people with strong logical and observation skills can counter the effects of being mathematics illiterate)

If I hire someone, I would want he/she to KNOW what he/she is supposed to be doing. To cope well(or even do better than) with little disruption.

Also, books don’t teach you about office politics, angkat bola, and taichi. Experience does.

3) regardless of how freaking good you are. Nobody is going to hire you if your asking is 2.5 times higher than kutusamy marie san jose xiao li (who most probably can take more responsibility than you too! You pampered, complacent little Singaporean!)

you know, I really do discourage people from using the cheating way. Everyone should start from the bottom and learn the basics first. That way you are more ‘zai’ in the long term. But of course that’s just wishful thinking.

if you want me to say, the problem with our current workforce is just we have so many greenhorns holding onto high paying jobs. If they shit themselves still ok, but most of the time it’s because of these moron’s incompetence (due to lack of experience) that caused all the shit to rain down on those below.

In the end it creates a very unhealthy and stress producing singaporean workforce.

Cause and effect people. Don’t think just because you earn big bucks means the world is frozen solid.

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Be Rational

I’m going to say certain things that might piss ppl off, but I speak it only because it is a fact.

A fact that must be highlighted in this day and age where ppl are absolutely going crazy when it comes to foreigners. You know, I myself don’t really like certain types of ah tiongs, but at least I understand why there is a need for them and others.

And I believe most people don’t like foreigners only because humans fear what is unknown to them. I believe that through proper education, and making an effort to know them, things would change for the better. But sad to say, in this fast paced environment everyone judges things in a shallow way and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you look ugly, you will be shunned. period.

Long gone are the days where you are so freaking free you can write about books that details human behavior and philosophy and other wondrous stuff only your ancestors had the chance to experience.

On the bright side though, our average life expectancy ain’t 33. lol. Anyway I digress.

Singapore is a small country with a small population. It doesn’t help when every tom dick and harry has a degree on their hands. Not to mentioned Us Chinese, who form the bulk of the population, are a bunch of prideful dicks that compares salaries and bonuses during chinese new year.

Tell your aunt you work as a mcd employee, and prepare to see her face twist and turn like she’s having a hard time crapping. (I’m surprised you even have the balls to go visiting)

So, when you have all these combined together, what do you get?

As people move higher up the job chain. Lower posts are being abandoned, logic. So who’s going to fill them? you gona ask your dad to go be construction worker? you gona go ask your mom to be toilet cleaner? you gona ask your grandfather to go wash plates? because I sure as hell can CONFIRM YOU WON’T BE THE ONE DOING IT WITH YOUR B.A. IN IHAVEMONEYSOIBUYMYDEGREE!

And there is no way the trend of ppl getting certs are stopping. Asians, are BORN to go the extra mile because of pride and ‘face’.


So yeah, I understand why there is a need for an increase in the population.

Of course, with that said, I am not saying that the concerns of the citizens are unwarranted. It’s very reasonable to say that you fear your job will be snatched up faster than you can shout AH TIONG! and whatnots. So Imho, without any proper research nor know any shit about politics and human economics, I suggests some ideas and steps which i think is sound for the govt to consider,

  1. Don’t be too efficient. You guys are reallyyyyy scaring the shit outta everyone with your 6.freaking9 million forecast. Take it slow man. Let them trickle in. and if possible. don’t announce these kinda things if there’s really no need to la. Ppl are much more happy knowing less.
  2. If you want them to come, at least give them a proper education about assimilating with us. WE ALL KNOW YOU GUYS ARE JUST WAYANG PAPAYA AND PR-ING when you say they must pass basic english and blablablah. The fact is for everyone to see whn you try to ask an ah tiong receptionist where is the toilet and she points you to the lift.
  3. Slightly more competitive pay for them also. They are too cheap atm. RULE OF MONEY NO. 1: PAY LESS EARN MORE. that’s how you get rich, period. anyway the world is going that way also with china producing everything from your kitchen sink to your chihuahua. It is a trend to rather just buy a cheap product and throw away after a few years and replace it with another cheap one, than to buy a expensive one that MAY lasts a few more years, fact. Just look at SONY and Samsung. So what makes you think just because I’m a singaporean boss, I will chose a singaporean worker that most probably will expect me to pay him/her 2x more than that ah tiong digging his nose by the corner? What can guarantee that that sg guy or girl i hired can work MUCH better than that tiong? Nothing. So yeah. Cheap = best.

Again like I said, I also don’t like changes and I also fear the unknown. but srsly la, please be rational and understand that Singapore, without rare resources, need to do this in order for you to drive your BM on the road and have air con at home.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you have really done your own research and you are goddamn confident that we don nid foreigners to survive, then cool. go ahead and raise your pitchforks.

Just don’t be all hateful and xenophobic simply because a few hundred people on facebook are xenophobic and hateful too.

Don’t fear competition. Use it as a stepping stone to improve yourself! srsly, I swear as ppl progress further, they get lazier. meh.

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New Year New Post – PEBE2013

SOOOOOOOOO worker’s party won punggol east. It’s cool definitely, keep pap’s on its toes. But I really think it’s not going to be easy, considering punggol east is considered a new estate area n things are developing at the speed of light. Let’s hope they can live up to their part of the deal.

Anyway I just want to say, due to my observations here and there, that most people are just elated that worker’s party won. note the word, ‘just’. What I really wonder is, do they even KNOW what the worker’s party can do before they jump for joy? You know I may sound like I’m bashing WP, but srsly, no. I’m really just more concerned about how much people actually know, and how social media/the internet is shaping the community as a whole.

Let’s take the current job market and the influx of foreigners as an example.

I read in today’s(29th Jan) TNP that there are higher number of job openings this year, and most of these jobs are ‘lower tier’ jobs. like retail/cleaning/service/hands-on kinda job.

My theory as to why this is happening, is because first of all, Singaporeans are bloody picky what they want to work as, MYSELF included. Also, the number of ppl taking up degrees and the sudden crazy increase of places where you can get pte degrees also plays a part.

Let’s face it, you get degree you willing to go do blue collar jobs? no. why? I blame the current govt, the way they mould our mindset (in terms of education, economy, etc.) It won’t be going too far to say that all these issue with employment and foreigners were all caused by the actions of certain ppl in the govt in the past. Of course, this isn’t entire bad, since we are considered quite a successful nation. But how things work in life, it’s really very balanced and fair. You have something good? then definitely there will be something bad accompanying it. No way you can avoid that.

Going back to the point, since now the problem of not enough ppl filling up certain jobs is very evident, there must be a solution. PAP’s solution is more foreigners, at a very fast rate (efficient, as usual). Which in turn, brings about unhappiness to the ppl.

So when ppl become unhappy, they look for other alternatives. Which brings me to this important question,

“What CAN the other party do then?”

I bring this question out to everybody. Because the whole point of this post is just this: how educated are you to know that the opposition is the answer? you know, it’s pretty obvious nowadays that most ppl cannot live without the internet, and MANY AND I MEAN FUCKING MANY are gullible enough to believe anything the internet says. you have got ppl liking the post so that fb will donate $1 for 1 like. you have ppl spamming you with nonsense msgs that some actor died and fb is going to close down if you don’t spread it to x number of friends.

and you know what pisses me off the most? when you ask them, ‘is it true?’ they reply you with, ‘I don’t know.’


of course, I digress.

When I look at all these, you really cannot blame me for wondering whether the young’uns, those not really serious into politics, are really SURE they are happy that the opposition won for the right reasons, and not just because their friends say PAP sucks means ok we must change, don’t care which tom dick harry come as long as can ‘try try’ is good.

No matter how sucks you think the PAP is, one thing you cannot deny is the fact that we are not living in a place where you can’t drink off the tap, no air con, fighting war every goddamn day, and bloody hell don’t even have electricity.

You cannot deny the fact that despite all the cockup-ness the PAP likes to show us, overall, they have done a good job to put SG to where it is today.

I strongly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to be educated and make an informed choice and not just follow blindly, esp when you are dealing with things of this scale.

And have you every wondered, are you sure our opposition is really capable of running a country when their opponent is so meow they don’t even allow them to use their GRCs?

Let me put it this way, you are a noob, working together with a knowledgeable senior on something, but this bloody cheesepie die also don’t want to show you the ropes. So one day he disappear, and you take over. HOW? you think u can be as zhai as him? you can say with time, everything will smooth itself out. BUT HOW LONG?

It’s a nation and its economy we are talking about! Now do you understand why rich sensible ppl never vote for oppositions? haha

Anyway, It’s good, really good if you actually KNOW you are doing the right thing by voting for so-and-so. Please stop reading and carry on with your life.

For those who have never really wondered, Let me just ask you again,

How much do you really know about the opposition and what they will/can do for you once they become the ruling party?

and yeah, bonus question: Name me any 5 members of WP. You get a cookie if you managed to do it without googling.

I stress that I ain’t bashing the opposition. I’m just gona repeat again that I want ppl to be informed, I want them to know that all these negative aspects of stuff MAY appear.

Do you really think you can handle it? Like I said, once you read this, decide to do your own form of research and conclude that YES you can live with your decision(s), then cool, my job is done and you can carry on.

But please, I really hope that blind rage, misformation due to the open-ness of the internet and the crowd mentality can be curbed when ppl make impt decisions like these.

That is all.

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Just when I thought, after so much searching, that I’ve found a new mask that i’m comfortable in, events in my life made me unintentionally hurt someone that matters to me, and now I don’t know what to do and I feel absolutely horrible..

and when I think of going back to my old mask out of desperation, it twists and burns my heart oh so painfully.

Because it reminds me of you,

I just can’t.

I guess I’m just broken beyond repair.

Fuck this.

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only some people can think like that.

So just the other day I saw this fb post about work, and in it i felt there was this one sentence that I just think was the most retarded.

1st of all, ‘you can never finish doing work, so don’t work so hard.’

WHATTTTTTTTT? You have to bathe tomorrow also, so just lick yourself today can already?

Seriously, people who can actually agree with this kinda saying, is to me people who will never advance far. At the end of the day it is not about finishing your work, it’s about challenging yourself and proving to others how capable you are.

Let’s face it, who is willing to work at a place where they will not be appreciated? and again, lets face it, if you just quietly do your work LIKE THE REST, go home at the same time LIKE THE REST, you think your boss will pro-actively come and see how hardworking and humble you are?

True, people always say, boss got eyes can see. but CAN SEE IS DIFFERENT FROM CAN DO! If you don’t actively show that you want to advance, people WILL take you for granted. They are not your father your mother why should they think about your future? There are nice ones I’m sure, but how lucky can you be to have a nice boss that appreciates you when you are not even in their radar??

one boss, so many employees, you act like a sheep, you be prepared to die like one too.

Another thing is, they also mentioned go home spend time with your family is more impt than doing work, then i can only say this to you,

‘when you have no money, or you feel you are not advancing enough, you see at the end of the day who will suffer with you lor.’

Just because you give the stupid excuse that ‘work cannot finish forever, so donnid to work so hard’, your family end up suffering with you.. as compared to sacrificing your time so that your family can have a better life. Which sane person will choose the former?

Work hard, Work Smart, and be prepared to sacrifice for your long term goals!

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Splinter Cell Double Agent! Y U NO WORK!

the timeline for splinter cell is as follows,

Splinter Cell 1
Splinter Cell 2 Pandora Tomorrow
Splinter Cell 3 Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell 4 Double Agent
Splinter Cell ‘5’ Essentials (PSP – flashback missions)
Splinter Cell 6 Conviction

Never played 2 n 5 since it’s not available on steam but that’s not the point here, the point here is SC 1 was released in 2002, while 3 was released in 2005. These two works FLAWLESSLY on my PC.

But for some fucktard reason, Double Agent (released 2006) refuses to work PASS THE MAIN MENU. I’ve tried a gazillion solutions but no go! no go at all! so now I’ve completed 6 n have this FUCKIN annoying feeling since conviction is a continuation of double agent and there is like these big hole in the middle of the storyline. and this is still in effect despite reading the visual walkthrough. It just ain’t the same man.

great job ubisoft! fuck you guys!

First time in my life a game can fuck up this badly to the point I can’t even play the tutorial. The tutorial! omg And I even paid for it! I paid for a game that let’s me see its main menu and that’s it. thanks man ubi.

Even though it was during the steam summer camp sale, I still gotta say this man –


That is all.

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My first ever Rally. (WP @ Bedok Stadium)

So, I went to my first ever rally in my entire life, the WP one at Bedok Stadium today.

It really is a surprise here since people who know me should know I really don’t give a damn about politics. I have zero interest in flowery words and empty promises, regardless of who the heck is making the point, cause really, at the end of the day – what they are trying to convey to you is:

“We are awesome, vote for us”

I don’t like shallowness in words. if you are going to propose something, I expect to hear what are the consequences of the proposal and how you, as the party implementing the change analyse the consequences and can come out with solutions to the problems that may arise from these consequences. Too much to ask for? Hello, I am putting the future of the country in your hands lei? u think what? running mama-shop ah?

I also have zero interest in the future, for as mentioned previously, i live for the spur of the moment.

Of course, I should also say that perhaps it is due to my age, and hence my inadequate experience that makes me so apathetic.¬† but frankly speaking, i detest behaviors like whining and bitching when things gets hard n you just cant get enuff of the pie. Perhaps I am just too independent. however, I understand regardless of whether i care about the future or not, the decision i make will cause ripples, n since I’m not THAT irresponsible, i take it i should at least make an effort n see what they have to say.

As expected I just couldn’t switch on. throughout the half an hour I was there, the team touched on things like the Growth and Share package and how the little money is not enuff to do this and that, how the garmen is not irreplaceable, growth, elderly being neglected, financial issues, income, entrepreneurship and the profits of casinos.

Mostly finance issues, which i really have no interest in.  Although I know this is expected considering that how happy a person is is measured by how they can live comfortably and not worry about the future, and to achieve that, it boils down to how much money you have in your pocket.

perhaps it is just fate that I have no compatibility with politics.

One thing that baffles me is that throughout my 1 and a half hour there, NO MANDARIN was spoken, except for greetings. 10% hokkien and melayu, the rest all english. One has to wonder, what the heck they were thinking planning their speech that way, considering the demography of Bedok and the fact that it has so many old people. I really pity those old people i see squeezing with the crowd totally looking stoned while others clap.

N still got cheek to talk about elderly being neglected. ptui.

you can argue that maybe they were leaving all the mandarin for last and i was just unlucky i stayed during the english section but srly la, it doesn’t take a genius to know that mixing it throughout is the right way to go. If the PAP can do it at the Hougang rally, why the WP cannot?

There was also this dude that didn’t seem to know when the growth and share package went in and kept saying that it was either today or tmr. HELLO TMR HOLIDAY LA DEY BANK DONT OPEN. AS A MATTER OF FACT TMR IS SUNDAY. HOLIDAY OR NOT BANK DON’T OPEN EITHER.

Let me tell you this, ppl with this kinda attitude usually are rich, they don’t bother with such trivialities and check their bank account to see whether the money go in or not. With this kinda attitude how are you going to relate to the poor? (I understand most of the politicians are ‘elites’ but aiya don’t show it so blatantly la. I want to TRY to sappork u oso cannot lei like that.)

One speaker was too soft. One speaker spoke too fast and was damn ching chong with what he was saying ‘You all decide who you want to vote for la har.’ I was like…. okkkkk…. -.- he probably made a solid statement before and was being smug about it but i really think it was inappropriate.

BUT I still wanted to give it a chance by staying longer, cause surprisingly, the mudslinging was at a minimal n there were still some points that appeal to me, like for eg foreign worker policies and housing. Sadly though my mom couldn’t take it cause she kept complaining about how there was no mandarin and she was just yawning all the way. So we were about to leave when i noticed that ALOT of people were leaving too. (OH yeah forgot to mentioned, the stadium WAS FULL. u couldn’t even see the green. all seats were taken too, ppl were sitting on the steps blocking other ppl from walking. really power)

had to squeeze to get out cause the exit was jammed up pretty badly.

Really, how do you expect me to be swayed with these kinda bullshit presentation. A friend of mine who is really vocal about politics mentioned before that politicians in rallies shouldn’t reason with those present, but instead RALLY the people into such furors they think they can defeat godzilla with their bare hands.

Heng no cockroach came and attack me ah! else i think I will most probably be defeated.

oh yeah i saw ice cream vendors with wp minature flags displayed all over their cart. haha interesting sight. I find it funny.

to sum it all up, I go in indifferent, i came out indifferent. But as negative as it may be, it is an experience n I’ll just treat that as the diamond i found in a pile of dog shit.

But now im in a dilemma! i feel i’m obligated to go for PAP’s one since i believe in looking at both side of the coin but wah liew i totally no motivation sia.

here’s hoping they will stream it tmr.

Worker's Party rally. Bedok Stadium. 30 Apr '11 9.2... on Twitpic

yep. that’s the amt of ppl that was there today. powerrrrrr

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