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Several foreign firms prepare to leave S’pore

Sometimes i wonder, if one day, all the FTs are gone, how many of those who kpkb about them in the first place will take over the large gap they left behind?

you sure you will forsake your comfortable, office job with air con and internet access for a job that ask you to stand in the hot sun doing menial tasks?

Face it, it’s inevitable. It’s best to be rational about this. Blame it on the fact that Singapore has no rare resources except for its people. The only thing you can do is treat it as challenge and improve yourself. Not whine to the govt to do everything for you.

Either that or you start having more babies.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the ‘efficiency’ of our govt. They are bringing them in too fast, and too furious. Heck they shouldn’t even announce such unnecessary news like the ‘white paper’. you think locals will clap and say, “wah PAP damn good siol! care about our economy which will benefit our nation as a whole in the long run!”

No. we are all selfish, and you dumbwits, by announcing stuff like these, only serve to cause panic and increase unhappiness amongst us!

Of course, it’s very obvious your announcement isn’t planned for locals in the first place. It’s more for ‘putting out the fire’ after introducing tighter labour measures, ie. by saying you will bring in more cheap labour, you are telling interested investors looking to set up their base in the region:

“hey look! not to worry, it might be tough now but I assure you cheap labour is here to stay in the long run!”

I’ll even go so far as to say that this report here is a fear mongering tactic to make Anti FT ppl shut up. It’s like “See! Whine la! whine somemore economy collapse ask you go wash toilet bowl then you know!”

Of course, All these are just my opinion. Feel free to hate, love or fug whatever the hell you want.

I just hope you at least do your research first and not be so Anti-FTs just because 100 of your friends on FB are also Anti-FTs. 🙂

And fyi, disliking a Ah Tiong because of his or her inability to assimilate is very different from disliking them because they are job stealers.

I belong to the former; i have no qualms with them working here, but I hate some of them because they talk too bloody loud on the bus.


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Be Rational

I’m going to say certain things that might piss ppl off, but I speak it only because it is a fact.

A fact that must be highlighted in this day and age where ppl are absolutely going crazy when it comes to foreigners. You know, I myself don’t really like certain types of ah tiongs, but at least I understand why there is a need for them and others.

And I believe most people don’t like foreigners only because humans fear what is unknown to them. I believe that through proper education, and making an effort to know them, things would change for the better. But sad to say, in this fast paced environment everyone judges things in a shallow way and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you look ugly, you will be shunned. period.

Long gone are the days where you are so freaking free you can write about books that details human behavior and philosophy and other wondrous stuff only your ancestors had the chance to experience.

On the bright side though, our average life expectancy ain’t 33. lol. Anyway I digress.

Singapore is a small country with a small population. It doesn’t help when every tom dick and harry has a degree on their hands. Not to mentioned Us Chinese, who form the bulk of the population, are a bunch of prideful dicks that compares salaries and bonuses during chinese new year.

Tell your aunt you work as a mcd employee, and prepare to see her face twist and turn like she’s having a hard time crapping. (I’m surprised you even have the balls to go visiting)

So, when you have all these combined together, what do you get?

As people move higher up the job chain. Lower posts are being abandoned, logic. So who’s going to fill them? you gona ask your dad to go be construction worker? you gona go ask your mom to be toilet cleaner? you gona ask your grandfather to go wash plates? because I sure as hell can CONFIRM YOU WON’T BE THE ONE DOING IT WITH YOUR B.A. IN IHAVEMONEYSOIBUYMYDEGREE!

And there is no way the trend of ppl getting certs are stopping. Asians, are BORN to go the extra mile because of pride and ‘face’.


So yeah, I understand why there is a need for an increase in the population.

Of course, with that said, I am not saying that the concerns of the citizens are unwarranted. It’s very reasonable to say that you fear your job will be snatched up faster than you can shout AH TIONG! and whatnots. So Imho, without any proper research nor know any shit about politics and human economics, I suggests some ideas and steps which i think is sound for the govt to consider,

  1. Don’t be too efficient. You guys are reallyyyyy scaring the shit outta everyone with your 6.freaking9 million forecast. Take it slow man. Let them trickle in. and if possible. don’t announce these kinda things if there’s really no need to la. Ppl are much more happy knowing less.
  2. If you want them to come, at least give them a proper education about assimilating with us. WE ALL KNOW YOU GUYS ARE JUST WAYANG PAPAYA AND PR-ING when you say they must pass basic english and blablablah. The fact is for everyone to see whn you try to ask an ah tiong receptionist where is the toilet and she points you to the lift.
  3. Slightly more competitive pay for them also. They are too cheap atm. RULE OF MONEY NO. 1: PAY LESS EARN MORE. that’s how you get rich, period. anyway the world is going that way also with china producing everything from your kitchen sink to your chihuahua. It is a trend to rather just buy a cheap product and throw away after a few years and replace it with another cheap one, than to buy a expensive one that MAY lasts a few more years, fact. Just look at SONY and Samsung. So what makes you think just because I’m a singaporean boss, I will chose a singaporean worker that most probably will expect me to pay him/her 2x more than that ah tiong digging his nose by the corner? What can guarantee that that sg guy or girl i hired can work MUCH better than that tiong? Nothing. So yeah. Cheap = best.

Again like I said, I also don’t like changes and I also fear the unknown. but srsly la, please be rational and understand that Singapore, without rare resources, need to do this in order for you to drive your BM on the road and have air con at home.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you have really done your own research and you are goddamn confident that we don nid foreigners to survive, then cool. go ahead and raise your pitchforks.

Just don’t be all hateful and xenophobic simply because a few hundred people on facebook are xenophobic and hateful too.

Don’t fear competition. Use it as a stepping stone to improve yourself! srsly, I swear as ppl progress further, they get lazier. meh.

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CBF ecomony? or CBF workers?

I am new to politics, and as the saying goes, a young mind(in the politics aspect, in this case) is an easily shaped mind.

As most of you would know, ECGRC introduced two new candidates after Prof S jayakumar and Abdullah Tarmugi stepped down, namely Lim Swee Say and Raymond Lim.

So ytd, i was watching the pap rally at home and Lim Swee Say was talking about how people mistook his CBF economy to mean CBF workers. And yes, it is true that before all this, what i’ve gathered on lim swee say was that he was generally referred to as the union chief who told workers to be Cheaper Better and Faster,  n I readily believed it n had  a negative impression of him without doing any research on my own.

But after making an effort to do some research and discussing it with some friends that were involved in the political scene, I found out that even though you can link saying ‘CBF economy’ to mean ‘CBF workers’, it is really very open to interpretation and it is VERY different from directly saying ‘I want Cheaper Better and Faster workers for Singapore.’ (and yes, in case you were wondering, he said cheaper better faster economy, not workers. Link [here])

Let me just say that I’m not defending LSS, since I agree his role as union chief is really conflicting with his role as an MP and he should really start learning wtf it means to be a union chief  but what I believe is that words and hearsay can be very disastrous sometimes if misinterpreted. I appeal to the people to do some research and find out more on your own before deciding to light up your torches and bring out your pitchforks.

Hopefully everybody can make an informed choice, look at both sides of the coin and not just base your decision which can potentially affect the future of You, your family and the whole of SG on just some fb posts and twitter feeds.

and FYI, I’m still deciding.

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3 days and a half.

That’s like the time i had my last ciggie.

Wooooooooooo tough journey indeed. Been reading alot of quitting articles online.

Even got a ebook by Allen Carr – EasyWay To Stop Smoking. Only been through the first few chapters but it seems to be very reputable.

Excerpt from Wiki:

Based on their full money-back guarantee, Carr’s clinics claim a 95 percent success rate in helping smokers stop. Celebrity clients include Richard Branson, Anthony Hopkins, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlotte Church and Mahesh Babu (a popular Telugu film actor).

Allen Carr’s Easyway Endorsements

I understand endorsements sometimes can be biased so if you were to ask me about my opinion I’d say it is a pretty useful book, it gave me alot of insights and let me see things that I’ve never realised about smoking and nicotine in general,you know? Totally different from what the mass media is feeding us, and radical too, considering one of his claim is that his method does not require any willpower.

I’ve yet to finish the book so I can’t really say any more but just by reading 5 out of 44 chapters I’m already impressed so I’d definitely recommend it to ppl.

Now to talk about what I’m experiencing atm, in point form,

1) Moderate-strong cravings but it really isn’t that intense as compared to the 1st or 2nd day. Don’t know whether is it the gum or the book but I reckon it’s both. read online cravings should be peaking right about now(day 3 onwards lasting from a week to a month!!! lol) but I’m coping. They say for starters ppl should chew like 8-12 gums for the first 12 weeks, but I’m going strong with just ~5 a day.

2)  Food cravings and sugar cravings are INTENSE BROOOOO! but since I started with a healthier lifestyle a year ago I still can restrict myself by not eating too much, but that cannot be said of  SUGARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! it’s crazy foo’! I’ve been drinking bubble tea, eating fruits, eating oreos, eating raisin breads with nutella and shit and etc! But I’m still jogging and will consider jogging longer to make up for it. Anyway even though I may sound like I’m going berserk with the SUGAR!!!!!!! but really I try my best not to overload.

3) Just started today: my blood pressure is returning to normal i think, keep feeling light headed and that annoying ear popping syndrome. some tingling in the fingers. THIS IS A GOOD THING I TELL MYSELF!!!!

4) Sense of smell is improving, but taste is like still the same.

5) Really really trying to find things to do to keep myself off the thoughts and emotions. Pretty edgy n irritable from the cravings i’d say and You’d think that doing something that makes you happy or laugh(like watching funny shows) would help but not really!! you gotta moderate it since one of the many triggers of smoking is excitement and happiness too! this is tough but meh I’m coping.

6) Tiredness. God, you cannot imagine how tired I am but hey it beats having insomnia!

7) Concentration is not that sharp. Which kinda made me realised thats why I seem to be unable to read the book properly lool.

8) REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want the days to go by faster n let the cravings die off, I’d say that’s like the only major kuku thing that is making me feel annoyed about this whole quitting shitprocess. *POSITIVE THOUGHTS DINGO POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!*

9) I’m still staring at smokers, they suck. lol

10) There is no 10.

So that’s about it. Again I’ll update as I go along. It is good to keep this kinda journal according to advice from other quitters. You go back to read them at a later date to motivates yourself, they say. I’m just doing it to pass time.



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If not now, then when? a bid to stay healthy.

So, I finally got it. Been contemplating for a longgggg time.

What really triggered it was quite a few factors.

1) Dad suffered from heart attack last year, and studies have shown if your family has it, u are most probably gona have it too. I don’t think I’ll enjoy going through what my dad did. and that scar on his chest, omg i have enuff already thank you very much (8 on my body at last count lol)

2) Picked up jogging last year. Keep thinking that my low stamina is due to smoking, which is really annoying. I mean yeah with regular jogging your stamina will improve regardless, but knowing u smoke and thus not being able to release your full potential kinda makes it annoying. If I want to stay healthy, then I gotta give it my all. no half-fucks!

3) Phlegm & cough. yeah two of the things that I fear the most. Before I started jogging, I think I hold the world record for persistent coughing, but after jogging the situation did improve but that was after a long time so the damage was already inflicted: I fear cough. So what better ways to reduce the chances of it happening than to quit? n phlegm! omg i was running the other day, and all these phlegm clogging up my throat was really torturous! totally couldn’t breathe properly and thus affected my run. Which is annoying.

4) when you get old, u fear death and thus u will do anything to stay healthy. or at least that’s how i think.

I’m sure there are more reasons but i meh those aren’t really as glaring as the top 4 i mentioned.

Anyway I’ve stopped smoking since 4+pm and have used up 3 gums since then. Here are my observations:

1) the more i chew the gum the more I feel like smoking for some reason. lol but it does help once i spit it out.

2) Strange, when i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out, i went cold turkey for 2 weeks, but now it’s not even 12 hours n oh the stress of not smoking is really coming to me. Maybe when ya ‘sick’ u just don feel like smoking? or probably it’s just the initial stress of knowing you are saying goodbye to a ‘friend’ u noe for 11 years.

3) I see people smoke i get fixated, not out of craving but more of disgust. like watching a dude stripping naked in the middle of the street. lol weird i noe.

4) Hunger pangs. and sugar cravings. My mom bought super sweet watermelon. like really super sweet. though i donno whether thats a good or bad thing.

5) Concentration is starting to wane. hohohoho *Deuuuuhhhhh* *Drooooool*

6) abit of runny nose? no biggie really.

7) The gum is really just an aid, the urge will still be there but it does help to curb it moderately. I wont say it totally eliminates the urge to smoke(maybe im using the wrong dosage? lol) but it’s much better than going cold turkey.

That’s about it I guess? I’ve read up abit about all these symptoms la. On average the shortest duration it will last is 1 week, longest, 6 months. Been reading about ways to cope with the withdrawal symptoms too and i think deep breathing and drinking more water is rather effective. I plan to increase my jogging frequency too! since it helps with the quitting process and u gain weight when u quit smoking. 😦

Anyway, I tell myself it is temporary la, and that I only have to last for so long to enjoy whatever rewards that may come from quitting smoking.

I’ll update my progress once in awhile. Hopefully, all goes well and i succeed.



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Eat and eat only.

I’ve seen alot of cases of people growing fat from being in a relationship. I guess it’s all SG’s fault for being so boring all couples do is eat and eat every weekend.

I myself suffer from that during my last r/s and right now I’m rectifying it.

And since i do not want it to happen again, I’ve decided, as king of my own little world, every Sunday will be  “COUPLE jog day”! I am not going to let history repeat itself neither am i going to waste all my hardwork!

I’m already running every one, three, five and six. So adding another one is not going to be hard.

The day’s itinerary will include waking up at 8am every sunday and going to ecp for a run, distance can be decided on the day itself and my gf’s(or mine, if she is just that fucking awesome) fitness level. Nothing extreme, it’s just keeping fit you noe? After that a well-deserved breakfast at some place, and go home to continue with the rest of the day.

Pretty simple planning, no?

So take note, all potential mates! I expect u to run with me! if you cannot, then either don’t bother or don’t ask me the *now with 30% extra stupidity* universally stupid question: ‘I fat or not har?’


….is what my mind will be thinking.

most probably the reply will be this: ‘of course not! dear! you look perfect! just look at those titties!! <3<3’

perhaps with 30% less enthusiasm? as a hint?


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Dead Space 2 DLC for PC

The Escapist: Dead Space 2 DLC Packs Unlocked on PC

Skitcat’s advanced save game(with all elites blahblah unlocked) can be found here, just scroll abit down.

A save game that unlocks EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE DLCs can be found here.

List of the DLCs that are were ‘exclusive’ to the consoles version of DS2

All I want to say is: HAHAHAAHAHAH @ EA!!!!

UPDATE: Conduit Rooms Unlocker(no trainer required)

A little background info on the conduit rooms:

Locations and how to identify one pic

The doors were initially only able to be unlocked when one has a completed save game from Dead space ignition. it is like a storage room, except that there were bonus text/audio logs in them and even a new suit in one of the rooms.

We, PC gamers were of course royally screwed since EA decided that there will be no expansion for the PC version whatsoever.

Seriously EA you guys are a bunch of fags. At least don’t be such lazy asses and just port EVERYTHING over. It really shows how much you really give a damn about to your customers (PC ones, in this case)!

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