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Shittalking angmoh! lol

Experience of an angmoh boss in sg

[Guest Post: i dun unerstan u lah!: An exposé of Singapore and Singaporean retardation]

Contrary to the topic’s title, before you guys start raising your pitchforks[i believe this will just fall on deaf ears though], I will say what I always like to say,

stop and think, think about why people are saying such stuff about us.

If you think he is wrong, DEFEND your country with a clear and concise counter, and not use stupid zabalang english to ask this ‘parasite’ to ‘fug off from here’, since that only enforces his idea that we are retards.

If you think his points are true, then IMPROVE. Because sometimes you really need someone outside of your house to actually see what kinda shithole you are really living in/on.

Cause srsly I do find most of his points to be valid. esp the govt spoiling us[we are all sheeps], overemphasis on unnecessary luxuries[must own car la but complain too expensive la, must buy minimum 4 room flat but also complain too expensive la], interview encounters, usage of appropriate English at appropriate times, drafting of emails incidences,[Yes I admit my engrand oso no the perfect, but damn me to hell if you ever see me typing singlish in my work emails!], crazy demands about jobs [ must got air con la, must got com with internet la, sat sun cannot work la, must be standard 9-5 la, cannot OT la, salary must be 5k even though I no work experiences but have a uni cert la]

(All the above are based on my own observations and i do admit some I am guilty of exhibiting too.)

However I think he is a bit too personal and there’s too little objectivity in the article. But then again it is a blog and people are entitled to their own opinions.

Bottom-line is, I feel there is no need to be angry at what people think about you, since you can never satisfy 100% of the world. And esp when the topic here is about doing business, where everything is cutthroat and stomachs and livelihoods are at stake.

If you think you are good, you are good – there are no problems.

And if you are not, figure out why and improve and be competitive. cause srsly, whining ain’t going make Mr John Smith the rich and powerful CEO hire you over Mr MaLing who costs 3 times less than you yet can work 6 times better.

It simply defies logic for Mr John.

Of course, if you are going to bring ‘things you cannot control'[read: govt issues] into the picture, then all I can say is,

2016 man.

Make the right choice.

PS: Read the comments too, they are pretty interesting.

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Microwave ALL the food!

HIIIII long time no see.

damn really start to wean off blogging already lei. last time i blogged was in oct! anyway, just bought a microwave recently. YES MICROWAVE HAHAHAH!

$99 instead of the usual $149! harvey norman 10th anniversary sale when i bought it.

Anyway I realise before I got microwave, keep feeling my toaster oven very lousy then alot of things cannot cook, and only a microwave will do many magnificent things and i should get one.

Then now that I got one, i feel knn alot of things use toaster oven cook is better! i just microwaved frozen pizza and it sucks. loool

I really have no idea who gave me the idea that a microwave is far more superior. nabei.

anyway thats all, nothing much to say except my job sucks (whats new?) and I think I’m really very thin now. tsk. maybe should stop all the jogging and start toning up.

meh. lazy to think. bye!

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I realised..

You know, sometimes I see people’s phone ah, I will get extremely annoyed when I see apps arranged like this on each page:

zabalang home screen

I mean, seriously? This is OK with you? Not annoying at all?

There is no order and uniformity! You’re not maximizing the space given to you! NOT EFFICIENT AT ALL!!!



I mean really, is it so hard to arrange the apps nicely? sheesh.

Anyway, I love Subway and I’ve been diligently trying to kill my ulcer and be careful what I eat just for today!


Bedok Point has one, so went up there and as expected effing many people.

Subway queue

Once in a blue moon only you will see subway so many people.

This is just one quarter of the queue, it makes a U turn and snakes inside. at least 30+ people infront of me. Waited for 1hr 15mins before I got my 6 inches’.

Got Veggie Patty and Chicken Bacon Ranch. Ask them don’t put jalapenos still go and put, nabei.

And I don’t understand why VP is under their Premium menu, totally no taste! lol.

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Loong time.

Damn Twitter/Plurk/Facebook! making me not blog anymore! lol

4 things:

1) So i had 2 ulcers side by side the other day, sorta like siamese twins.  and just recently, my Siamese ulcers loved each other so much they decided to merge together. now it’s a 5x2mm big ulcer that hurts like a mamafeng (drink COLD water also pain) and it’s annoying as heck. Current Treatment: Salt, Bonjela, Watermelon powder, antibacterial mouthwash. DIE ULCER DIE!

2) I had a dream within a dream. fucking awesome! Checked the mirror too but sadly I didn’t turn into Leonardo Dicaprio.

3) I had chilli on my fingers while having lunch just now, forgot about it, got home and stuck my chilli-stained finger in my nose. I’ve found my new fix.

4) Using anti-bacterial mouthwash for said ulcer and a very sudden and violent sneeze came outta nowhere within 2 seconds of gargling. It’s safe to say I have the cleanest basin n bathroom mirror in a 3 block radius now.

And why the fuck is it lagging when I’m typing this post??? Way to go WP. I’m sure I’ll blog more often from now on. 🙂

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I have seriously serious eyebags.


Mwahahahahah! After so much whining I finally got it!!!

MY FIRST EVER SMART PHONE! Transiting from a Nokia 6030 to this! lool

Pretty awesome, the day I got the phone.

It started in the afternoon where my zenus casing ordered from korea (not gmarket, mind you) arrived.

Then through some “unknown” means I managed to get the Starhub CSO to call me within half and hour and got my $100 re-contract voucher. I was quite sian when I heard they say it will only be uploaded to the system (yes, nowadays they don’t use paper, apparently) within 3 working days.

But I decided to head on down to Tamp Starhub to check the price and availability of the phone since I keep hearing it’s sold out everywhere.

So reached Tampines quite late and after having dinner it was already 8.30pm! Starhub shop closes at 9pm but since we were at CS I decided to just go to those authorized resellers to ask, they told me they didn’t have stock, and my vouchers weren’t uploaded yet, which made me sian again, but I didn’t give up! proceeded to Tampines Mall to check availability! Asked them about the vouchers again.

But this time, it was awesome! cause the receptionist told me YES THEY CAN DO A RECONTRACT FOR ME since it is already noted in the system I have the $100 vouchers. sorta like a pending voucher transaction, or whatever. Bottomline is it could be done and so I got it. 8.50pm took a queue no. LOL My turn came within 5 mins and everything was settled super fast as the Sales Exec was pretty impatient(Saw him later outside having a smoke break).

So yeah. Super fluid and fast process of getting my phone. Within a day everything settled.



Pretty decent phone but crazy battery eater when I turn on data. Felt like an old man with all the functions presented to me. lool.

Anyway, got my friend to take some passport photos for me for my job applications and realised omg I have epic eyebags.

Joey's Mugshot Cropped-3

This one not obvious since it has been resized and cropped. Must see those unprocessed ones. Which obviously I’m not gona post, lol.

Cock face I know. haha!


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When someone likes something because it is a few mm thinner than it’s predecessor, you know(or maybe not, judging from the trend lately) something is REALLY VERY WRONG with how technology is progressing. srsly, where are the days of being TRULY competitive and coming out with something that CONTRIBUTES SIGNIFICANTLY to the IMPROVEMENT of a product?

nabei next time i make a toy with 3 wheels, then i add 1 more wheel i call it version 2 make u all pay the same price again to buy.

Srsly, we are on top of the foodchain? How the fuck did that happened?

In other news, found natalie kills to be gorgeously stunning in LMFAO’s Champagne Shower. So decided to check her out. Wow, her songs are pretty decent, but should cut down the emoness I feel.

Love her single ‘Wonderland’ the most! just cannot stop listening to it!

And seriously it eludes me how people can compare her with Lady Gaga?? Oh well.

Album out now! 7/10 I’d give it. Give it a shot. 🙂

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Just prepared my CV and portfolio, portfolio’s still in RC1 (Release Candidate) though; missing a few documents zzzz

Looking through some of my certs I realised there are some I totally don’t know they existed and then there are some that I knew I had but have little recollection of what I did to get it. I also realised I don’t have my Polytechnic transcript, which is major Zs cause it is one of them that i don’t know existed until today. LOL. Check with my poly mates and they all said they got it printed out or got it somewhere. which really really baffles me, since I don’t ever recall being informed or anything.

Good news is though, can go back to school to get the cert. Bad news? I gotta pay. $10.20 wtf?

oh well.

Anyway, gona ORD soon! 22nd July 2011! Gona make a blogpost about it when the day comes, or somewhere after that ahahaha.

I want to buy new phone!!!!!

Oh yeah, forgot to say,

SMOKE FREE SINCE 22nd APRIL 2011!!!!!! I don’t even need the gum anymore! been off it in less than a month.

I’m awesome. really. hohohoho

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