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The amt of silly is too damn high!


What’s going to be so funny is the fact that 10 years down the road, this vivian is going to look at this article and go, “lol wtf was i thinking back then?”

Srsly, grades? they are nothing. out of the numerous interviews that I’ve been to, ZERO has ever looked at my transcript.

If you want to get that job, let me tell you the three most impt things you have to look at:

  1.  Interview skills; knowing how to tackle the SOP interview questions (which can be so easily googled) and the amt of confidence you exude.
  2. Your experience (related to 3)

1) Even if you have straight As, when you go into a interview and talk(murmur?) like a zombie, you think people will think you can? cb simple thing like expressing yourself also cmi, how you expect me to give u a people’s job? (Comfortable jobs with good prospects are usually jobs where you interact with ppl. FACT.) However, I have seen MANY cases of salesman being bosses of their own. So doing a back end job will only get you so far.

2) Experience – that’s why i say certs don’t matter. Cert involves subjects. Subjects you most probably won’t even touch at your workplace.

How’s history doing for you dude? Social studies? lol eh how about geography?? HELPING YOU ALOT IN YOUR WORK I’M SURE.

(An exception will be mathematics, contrary to popular opinions, math is a good judge of how good your brain can function. It is true you will most probably not use algebra or differentiation on your day to day life. But deep down, it will affect. srsly. only people with strong logical and observation skills can counter the effects of being mathematics illiterate)

If I hire someone, I would want he/she to KNOW what he/she is supposed to be doing. To cope well(or even do better than) with little disruption.

Also, books don’t teach you about office politics, angkat bola, and taichi. Experience does.

3) regardless of how freaking good you are. Nobody is going to hire you if your asking is 2.5 times higher than kutusamy marie san jose xiao li (who most probably can take more responsibility than you too! You pampered, complacent little Singaporean!)

you know, I really do discourage people from using the cheating way. Everyone should start from the bottom and learn the basics first. That way you are more ‘zai’ in the long term. But of course that’s just wishful thinking.

if you want me to say, the problem with our current workforce is just we have so many greenhorns holding onto high paying jobs. If they shit themselves still ok, but most of the time it’s because of these moron’s incompetence (due to lack of experience) that caused all the shit to rain down on those below.

In the end it creates a very unhealthy and stress producing singaporean workforce.

Cause and effect people. Don’t think just because you earn big bucks means the world is frozen solid.

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