How things orignated – a very random thought

15 Aug

So see, troll on fb share stupid things, and morons decides to believe and start spreading the stupidity. very obvious scenario, in this day and age.

Now let’s go back to an age where people started practicing basic communications. Same thing. Except there was no internet, people were probably much less intelligent(not that we are that super intelligent now. oh god how i shudder at the tot of living back then) and the context was about ghosts, higher entities, monsters, myths and legends.

And since it’s so hard to debunk anything considering the lack of intelligence and the convenience of the internet, It starts to spread spread spread, and here we are today.

Come to think of it, the amt of lies in this world is too damn high. which really makes me wonder, why things didn’t work out like it should have the very first time your mom told you,
‘lying isn’t a good thing.’

Isn’t a lesson like this supposed to help? Isn’t this the very basics?

Obviously not.

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Posted by on August 15, 2013 in Random-ness


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