Be Rational

02 Feb

I’m going to say certain things that might piss ppl off, but I speak it only because it is a fact.

A fact that must be highlighted in this day and age where ppl are absolutely going crazy when it comes to foreigners. You know, I myself don’t really like certain types of ah tiongs, but at least I understand why there is a need for them and others.

And I believe most people don’t like foreigners only because humans fear what is unknown to them. I believe that through proper education, and making an effort to know them, things would change for the better. But sad to say, in this fast paced environment everyone judges things in a shallow way and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you look ugly, you will be shunned. period.

Long gone are the days where you are so freaking free you can write about books that details human behavior and philosophy and other wondrous stuff only your ancestors had the chance to experience.

On the bright side though, our average life expectancy ain’t 33. lol. Anyway I digress.

Singapore is a small country with a small population. It doesn’t help when every tom dick and harry has a degree on their hands. Not to mentioned Us Chinese, who form the bulk of the population, are a bunch of prideful dicks that compares salaries and bonuses during chinese new year.

Tell your aunt you work as a mcd employee, and prepare to see her face twist and turn like she’s having a hard time crapping. (I’m surprised you even have the balls to go visiting)

So, when you have all these combined together, what do you get?

As people move higher up the job chain. Lower posts are being abandoned, logic. So who’s going to fill them? you gona ask your dad to go be construction worker? you gona go ask your mom to be toilet cleaner? you gona ask your grandfather to go wash plates? because I sure as hell can CONFIRM YOU WON’T BE THE ONE DOING IT WITH YOUR B.A. IN IHAVEMONEYSOIBUYMYDEGREE!

And there is no way the trend of ppl getting certs are stopping. Asians, are BORN to go the extra mile because of pride and ‘face’.


So yeah, I understand why there is a need for an increase in the population.

Of course, with that said, I am not saying that the concerns of the citizens are unwarranted. It’s very reasonable to say that you fear your job will be snatched up faster than you can shout AH TIONG! and whatnots. So Imho, without any proper research nor know any shit about politics and human economics, I suggests some ideas and steps which i think is sound for the govt to consider,

  1. Don’t be too efficient. You guys are reallyyyyy scaring the shit outta everyone with your 6.freaking9 million forecast. Take it slow man. Let them trickle in. and if possible. don’t announce these kinda things if there’s really no need to la. Ppl are much more happy knowing less.
  2. If you want them to come, at least give them a proper education about assimilating with us. WE ALL KNOW YOU GUYS ARE JUST WAYANG PAPAYA AND PR-ING when you say they must pass basic english and blablablah. The fact is for everyone to see whn you try to ask an ah tiong receptionist where is the toilet and she points you to the lift.
  3. Slightly more competitive pay for them also. They are too cheap atm. RULE OF MONEY NO. 1: PAY LESS EARN MORE. that’s how you get rich, period. anyway the world is going that way also with china producing everything from your kitchen sink to your chihuahua. It is a trend to rather just buy a cheap product and throw away after a few years and replace it with another cheap one, than to buy a expensive one that MAY lasts a few more years, fact. Just look at SONY and Samsung. So what makes you think just because I’m a singaporean boss, I will chose a singaporean worker that most probably will expect me to pay him/her 2x more than that ah tiong digging his nose by the corner? What can guarantee that that sg guy or girl i hired can work MUCH better than that tiong? Nothing. So yeah. Cheap = best.

Again like I said, I also don’t like changes and I also fear the unknown. but srsly la, please be rational and understand that Singapore, without rare resources, need to do this in order for you to drive your BM on the road and have air con at home.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you have really done your own research and you are goddamn confident that we don nid foreigners to survive, then cool. go ahead and raise your pitchforks.

Just don’t be all hateful and xenophobic simply because a few hundred people on facebook are xenophobic and hateful too.

Don’t fear competition. Use it as a stepping stone to improve yourself! srsly, I swear as ppl progress further, they get lazier. meh.

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