New Year New Post – PEBE2013

29 Jan

SOOOOOOOOO worker’s party won punggol east. It’s cool definitely, keep pap’s on its toes. But I really think it’s not going to be easy, considering punggol east is considered a new estate area n things are developing at the speed of light. Let’s hope they can live up to their part of the deal.

Anyway I just want to say, due to my observations here and there, that most people are just elated that worker’s party won. note the word, ‘just’. What I really wonder is, do they even KNOW what the worker’s party can do before they jump for joy? You know I may sound like I’m bashing WP, but srsly, no. I’m really just more concerned about how much people actually know, and how social media/the internet is shaping the community as a whole.

Let’s take the current job market and the influx of foreigners as an example.

I read in today’s(29th Jan) TNP that there are higher number of job openings this year, and most of these jobs are ‘lower tier’ jobs. like retail/cleaning/service/hands-on kinda job.

My theory as to why this is happening, is because first of all, Singaporeans are bloody picky what they want to work as, MYSELF included. Also, the number of ppl taking up degrees and the sudden crazy increase of places where you can get pte degrees also plays a part.

Let’s face it, you get degree you willing to go do blue collar jobs? no. why? I blame the current govt, the way they mould our mindset (in terms of education, economy, etc.) It won’t be going too far to say that all these issue with employment and foreigners were all caused by the actions of certain ppl in the govt in the past. Of course, this isn’t entire bad, since we are considered quite a successful nation. But how things work in life, it’s really very balanced and fair. You have something good? then definitely there will be something bad accompanying it. No way you can avoid that.

Going back to the point, since now the problem of not enough ppl filling up certain jobs is very evident, there must be a solution. PAP’s solution is more foreigners, at a very fast rate (efficient, as usual). Which in turn, brings about unhappiness to the ppl.

So when ppl become unhappy, they look for other alternatives. Which brings me to this important question,

“What CAN the other party do then?”

I bring this question out to everybody. Because the whole point of this post is just this: how educated are you to know that the opposition is the answer? you know, it’s pretty obvious nowadays that most ppl cannot live without the internet, and MANY AND I MEAN FUCKING MANY are gullible enough to believe anything the internet says. you have got ppl liking the post so that fb will donate $1 for 1 like. you have ppl spamming you with nonsense msgs that some actor died and fb is going to close down if you don’t spread it to x number of friends.

and you know what pisses me off the most? when you ask them, ‘is it true?’ they reply you with, ‘I don’t know.’


of course, I digress.

When I look at all these, you really cannot blame me for wondering whether the young’uns, those not really serious into politics, are really SURE they are happy that the opposition won for the right reasons, and not just because their friends say PAP sucks means ok we must change, don’t care which tom dick harry come as long as can ‘try try’ is good.

No matter how sucks you think the PAP is, one thing you cannot deny is the fact that we are not living in a place where you can’t drink off the tap, no air con, fighting war every goddamn day, and bloody hell don’t even have electricity.

You cannot deny the fact that despite all the cockup-ness the PAP likes to show us, overall, they have done a good job to put SG to where it is today.

I strongly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to be educated and make an informed choice and not just follow blindly, esp when you are dealing with things of this scale.

And have you every wondered, are you sure our opposition is really capable of running a country when their opponent is so meow they don’t even allow them to use their GRCs?

Let me put it this way, you are a noob, working together with a knowledgeable senior on something, but this bloody cheesepie die also don’t want to show you the ropes. So one day he disappear, and you take over. HOW? you think u can be as zhai as him? you can say with time, everything will smooth itself out. BUT HOW LONG?

It’s a nation and its economy we are talking about! Now do you understand why rich sensible ppl never vote for oppositions? haha

Anyway, It’s good, really good if you actually KNOW you are doing the right thing by voting for so-and-so. Please stop reading and carry on with your life.

For those who have never really wondered, Let me just ask you again,

How much do you really know about the opposition and what they will/can do for you once they become the ruling party?

and yeah, bonus question: Name me any 5 members of WP. You get a cookie if you managed to do it without googling.

I stress that I ain’t bashing the opposition. I’m just gona repeat again that I want ppl to be informed, I want them to know that all these negative aspects of stuff MAY appear.

Do you really think you can handle it? Like I said, once you read this, decide to do your own form of research and conclude that YES you can live with your decision(s), then cool, my job is done and you can carry on.

But please, I really hope that blind rage, misformation due to the open-ness of the internet and the crowd mentality can be curbed when ppl make impt decisions like these.

That is all.

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