only some people can think like that.

14 Jan

So just the other day I saw this fb post about work, and in it i felt there was this one sentence that I just think was the most retarded.

1st of all, ‘you can never finish doing work, so don’t work so hard.’

WHATTTTTTTTT? You have to bathe tomorrow also, so just lick yourself today can already?

Seriously, people who can actually agree with this kinda saying, is to me people who will never advance far. At the end of the day it is not about finishing your work, it’s about challenging yourself and proving to others how capable you are.

Let’s face it, who is willing to work at a place where they will not be appreciated? and again, lets face it, if you just quietly do your work LIKE THE REST, go home at the same time LIKE THE REST, you think your boss will pro-actively come and see how hardworking and humble you are?

True, people always say, boss got eyes can see. but CAN SEE IS DIFFERENT FROM CAN DO! If you don’t actively show that you want to advance, people WILL take you for granted. They are not your father your mother why should they think about your future? There are nice ones I’m sure, but how lucky can you be to have a nice boss that appreciates you when you are not even in their radar??

one boss, so many employees, you act like a sheep, you be prepared to die like one too.

Another thing is, they also mentioned go home spend time with your family is more impt than doing work, then i can only say this to you,

‘when you have no money, or you feel you are not advancing enough, you see at the end of the day who will suffer with you lor.’

Just because you give the stupid excuse that ‘work cannot finish forever, so donnid to work so hard’, your family end up suffering with you.. as compared to sacrificing your time so that your family can have a better life. Which sane person will choose the former?

Work hard, Work Smart, and be prepared to sacrifice for your long term goals!

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Posted by on January 14, 2012 in No bullshit!


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