Microwave ALL the food!

21 Dec

HIIIII long time no see.

damn really start to wean off blogging already lei. last time i blogged was in oct! anyway, just bought a microwave recently. YES MICROWAVE HAHAHAH!

$99 instead of the usual $149! harvey norman 10th anniversary sale when i bought it.

Anyway I realise before I got microwave, keep feeling my toaster oven very lousy then alot of things cannot cook, and only a microwave will do many magnificent things and i should get one.

Then now that I got one, i feel knn alot of things use toaster oven cook is better! i just microwaved frozen pizza and it sucks. loool

I really have no idea who gave me the idea that a microwave is far more superior. nabei.

anyway thats all, nothing much to say except my job sucks (whats new?) and I think I’m really very thin now. tsk. maybe should stop all the jogging and start toning up.

meh. lazy to think. bye!

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Posted by on December 21, 2011 in Happenings


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