The sorcerer and the White snake

24 Oct

So yeah before watching this show I pretty much checked out a couple of reviews and most said it was sucky, so i didn’t really expect much outta it when I started watching.

But heyyyyyy, I actually kinda think it’s not that bad after everything was over. Of course it is not as good as 徐克 (Hark Tsui)’s 1993 production but if you don’t compare it and treat it as a standalone, it’s pretty all right. Abit ‘off’ here and there (bat boy? srsly?) and the end was pretty draggy. I have a feeling they were trying to make you feel like it’s the most epic fight scene of the century but I think due to the bad CGI the effect just didn’t pull through, but it was rather funny at the beginning and the acting was all right(in regards to current generation standards) so I’m rather satisfied with it.

Anyway, the theme song was awesome so I decided to search for it. Along the way i realised the beautiful white snake was actually the same girl in Kungfu Hustle! I donno about china but I think at that point of time she wasn’t famous enough to be found so easily on google, so I also forgot about her until now.

The theme song is 许诺 btw, and surprisingly it was sang by Eva and Raymond. I was watching the cantonese version of the show you see, so when the theme song came up I really didn’t expect that it was by the two of them.

Last comment I have about the show is all those guest appearances, I mean it’s cool and all but I felt it wasn’t really necessary. Like the Vivian Hsu scene for example. But meh, no big deal.

Overall a 7 outta 10 from me.

Oh yeah, I also watched Cars 2, and I found out the reason doc passed away was because the voice actor passed away in real life and they felt it was inappropriate to replace him. Although they have no qualms with replacing another dude that passed away too. Hur much?

Anyway, I’ve got nothing much to say in regards to this – a kids show to entertain kids with. Totally pales in comparison with the first one.

5.5/10 from me. need to try harder.


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Posted by on October 24, 2011 in Reviews


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