I realised..

14 Sep

You know, sometimes I see people’s phone ah, I will get extremely annoyed when I see apps arranged like this on each page:

zabalang home screen

I mean, seriously? This is OK with you? Not annoying at all?

There is no order and uniformity! You’re not maximizing the space given to you! NOT EFFICIENT AT ALL!!!



I mean really, is it so hard to arrange the apps nicely? sheesh.

Anyway, I love Subway and I’ve been diligently trying to kill my ulcer and be careful what I eat just for today!


Bedok Point has one, so went up there and as expected effing many people.

Subway queue

Once in a blue moon only you will see subway so many people.

This is just one quarter of the queue, it makes a U turn and snakes inside. at least 30+ people infront of me. Waited for 1hr 15mins before I got my 6 inches’.

Got Veggie Patty and Chicken Bacon Ranch. Ask them don’t put jalapenos still go and put, nabei.

And I don’t understand why VP is under their Premium menu, totally no taste! lol.

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Posted by on September 14, 2011 in Happenings, Thoughts


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