Loong time.

11 Sep

Damn Twitter/Plurk/Facebook! making me not blog anymore! lol

4 things:

1) So i had 2 ulcers side by side the other day, sorta like siamese twins.  and just recently, my Siamese ulcers loved each other so much they decided to merge together. now it’s a 5x2mm big ulcer that hurts like a mamafeng (drink COLD water also pain) and it’s annoying as heck. Current Treatment: Salt, Bonjela, Watermelon powder, antibacterial mouthwash. DIE ULCER DIE!

2) I had a dream within a dream. fucking awesome! Checked the mirror too but sadly I didn’t turn into Leonardo Dicaprio.

3) I had chilli on my fingers while having lunch just now, forgot about it, got home and stuck my chilli-stained finger in my nose. I’ve found my new fix.

4) Using anti-bacterial mouthwash for said ulcer and a very sudden and violent sneeze came outta nowhere within 2 seconds of gargling. It’s safe to say I have the cleanest basin n bathroom mirror in a 3 block radius now.

And why the fuck is it lagging when I’m typing this post??? Way to go WP. I’m sure I’ll blog more often from now on. 🙂

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Posted by on September 11, 2011 in Happenings


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