Splinter Cell Double Agent! Y U NO WORK!

13 Jul

the timeline for splinter cell is as follows,

Splinter Cell 1
Splinter Cell 2 Pandora Tomorrow
Splinter Cell 3 Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell 4 Double Agent
Splinter Cell ‘5’ Essentials (PSP – flashback missions)
Splinter Cell 6 Conviction

Never played 2 n 5 since it’s not available on steam but that’s not the point here, the point here is SC 1 was released in 2002, while 3 was released in 2005. These two works FLAWLESSLY on my PC.

But for some fucktard reason, Double Agent (released 2006) refuses to work PASS THE MAIN MENU. I’ve tried a gazillion solutions but no go! no go at all! so now I’ve completed 6 n have this FUCKIN annoying feeling since conviction is a continuation of double agent and there is like these big hole in the middle of the storyline. and this is still in effect despite reading the visual walkthrough. It just ain’t the same man.

great job ubisoft! fuck you guys!

First time in my life a game can fuck up this badly to the point I can’t even play the tutorial. The tutorial! omg And I even paid for it! I paid for a game that let’s me see its main menu and that’s it. thanks man ubi.

Even though it was during the steam summer camp sale, I still gotta say this man –


That is all.

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