05 Jun

Just prepared my CV and portfolio, portfolio’s still in RC1 (Release Candidate) though; missing a few documents zzzz

Looking through some of my certs I realised there are some I totally don’t know they existed and then there are some that I knew I had but have little recollection of what I did to get it. I also realised I don’t have my Polytechnic transcript, which is major Zs cause it is one of them that i don’t know existed until today. LOL. Check with my poly mates and they all said they got it printed out or got it somewhere. which really really baffles me, since I don’t ever recall being informed or anything.

Good news is though, can go back to school to get the cert. Bad news? I gotta pay. $10.20 wtf?

oh well.

Anyway, gona ORD soon! 22nd July 2011! Gona make a blogpost about it when the day comes, or somewhere after that ahahaha.

I want to buy new phone!!!!!

Oh yeah, forgot to say,

SMOKE FREE SINCE 22nd APRIL 2011!!!!!! I don’t even need the gum anymore! been off it in less than a month.

I’m awesome. really. hohohoho

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