CBF ecomony? or CBF workers?

02 May

I am new to politics, and as the saying goes, a young mind(in the politics aspect, in this case) is an easily shaped mind.

As most of you would know, ECGRC introduced two new candidates after Prof S jayakumar and Abdullah Tarmugi stepped down, namely Lim Swee Say and Raymond Lim.

So ytd, i was watching the pap rally at home and Lim Swee Say was talking about how people mistook his CBF economy to mean CBF workers. And yes, it is true that before all this, what i’ve gathered on lim swee say was that he was generally referred to as the union chief who told workers to be Cheaper Better and Faster,  n I readily believed it n had  a negative impression of him without doing any research on my own.

But after making an effort to do some research and discussing it with some friends that were involved in the political scene, I found out that even though you can link saying ‘CBF economy’ to mean ‘CBF workers’, it is really very open to interpretation and it is VERY different from directly saying ‘I want Cheaper Better and Faster workers for Singapore.’ (and yes, in case you were wondering, he said cheaper better faster economy, not workers. Link [here])

Let me just say that I’m not defending LSS, since I agree his role as union chief is really conflicting with his role as an MP and he should really start learning wtf it means to be a union chief  but what I believe is that words and hearsay can be very disastrous sometimes if misinterpreted. I appeal to the people to do some research and find out more on your own before deciding to light up your torches and bring out your pitchforks.

Hopefully everybody can make an informed choice, look at both sides of the coin and not just base your decision which can potentially affect the future of You, your family and the whole of SG on just some fb posts and twitter feeds.

and FYI, I’m still deciding.

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Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Hear ye, Thoughts


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