2nd rally. lol

01 May

So 2nd rally was at the comfort of my own home, watching the streams live. cause really no motivation to go down personally.

So, i should warn that my views may be pretty biased considering the fact that u can absorb better and u just find everything much more positive when u are in a pleasant environment. plus i get to see their faces and i noe most of them. hahaha!

And because of that, I’d also not say so much la, since I don’t wanna risk looking like im pro-pap, considering it is easy to be misunderstood online(and also you get skewered quite quickly nowadays if u so much as look at pap admirably.)

So let’s just use short pointers now, shall we?

– too much English again. guess both sides don’t really know the demography now do they? is really mixing the languages in between so hardddddd? really lei study too much la these people.

– i listened to i think at least 4-5 speakers at the WP rally. no one piqued my interest as much as the new malay and old malay dude. n the new malay dude spoke in mandarin for an impressive period of time. decent enuff. (but bear in mind i was at the comfort of my own home so i could be biased. but no lei, when CBF guy n raymond lim talk i totally switch off lol)

(by now u must be thinking i’m a really weird guy for focusing this much on just a language but i don’t care, i just think u must be able to work on small things to succeed in big things. simple things like getting through to the listeners what u want to say oso cannot follow, how the fuck u going to lead a country?!)

– S jayakumar is cute! he was, in one scene reading the wp manifesto out loud in such a monotonous way i lol’ed. anyway a decent enough politician, sad to see him leave while SOME OTHERS still staying donno for what eff.

– All their tone and manner were decent enough. the woman ah, what her name? jessica? abit awkward lei, don like her motherly tone but i donno some ppl might dig it. noticed raymond lim has a very commanding voice but meh i cannot remember what he say. mrt? fast and good? hahaha. Lim swee say kept talking about tiger and tying shoe laces? hmmmm. really i already said before i don’t really care much as to what they say cause all i can hear is ‘i am awesome, vote for me!’ even though i mentioned above those malay dudes could catch my attention i still cannot remember what they say hahahaah but ok la generally they using same tactics as usual. just like WP’s tactics is to play mudsling, pap use their ‘please come out with a plan and show us!’ slogan. lol

– i do however, remember clearly what lim swee say said about the CBF thing. he claims ppl misunderstood him by claiming that he said ‘cheaper better faster workers’ when what he said was ‘cheaper better faster economy’. well being new to all these politics i decided to google, n quite frankly i still don understand the science of CBF but i gathered isn’t saying CBF economy essentially the same as saying CBF workers? lol ok im just really bad at all these economics things so do pardon me for my ignorance.

well that’s all i can really say la har. as for the crowd of course not as impressive as the WP one n they did place their stage at a position where there can only be limited amt of  seated audiences (must have realised it looks pathetic when u have a field that u can see 90% of the green, so might as well squeeze them all together to make it look like theres alot, and hey! i can say i mean well for the people by putting it at a place that allows them to sit and watch me talk. hahahaha)

anyway tmr they can just reach out to the rest of singapore with THEIR newspaper. hahahaha

I would say this rally did nothing much for me either but it was probably 10points better than the WP one. (AGAIN, i stress that i was at the comfort of my own home so maybe a majority of those points came from that. just fyi!)

the crowd. meh.

Still can’t decide who to vote for. maybe it really just isn’t my time yet. oh well.

PS: throughout my tadpole-like foray in the pool of politics, I’ve come to realised the things that will be involved in causing a very big ripple in the world of politics, i learn that the rise of GEN Y(read: stupidity) + social media can be a very very frightening force to be reckon with. really ah lao lee they all must be regretting their asses off they decided not to dabble in the internet that time. hahahaha

Firewall of repentance, anyone? hahaha

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