My first ever Rally. (WP @ Bedok Stadium)

30 Apr

So, I went to my first ever rally in my entire life, the WP one at Bedok Stadium today.

It really is a surprise here since people who know me should know I really don’t give a damn about politics. I have zero interest in flowery words and empty promises, regardless of who the heck is making the point, cause really, at the end of the day – what they are trying to convey to you is:

“We are awesome, vote for us”

I don’t like shallowness in words. if you are going to propose something, I expect to hear what are the consequences of the proposal and how you, as the party implementing the change analyse the consequences and can come out with solutions to the problems that may arise from these consequences. Too much to ask for? Hello, I am putting the future of the country in your hands lei? u think what? running mama-shop ah?

I also have zero interest in the future, for as mentioned previously, i live for the spur of the moment.

Of course, I should also say that perhaps it is due to my age, and hence my inadequate experience that makes me so apathetic.  but frankly speaking, i detest behaviors like whining and bitching when things gets hard n you just cant get enuff of the pie. Perhaps I am just too independent. however, I understand regardless of whether i care about the future or not, the decision i make will cause ripples, n since I’m not THAT irresponsible, i take it i should at least make an effort n see what they have to say.

As expected I just couldn’t switch on. throughout the half an hour I was there, the team touched on things like the Growth and Share package and how the little money is not enuff to do this and that, how the garmen is not irreplaceable, growth, elderly being neglected, financial issues, income, entrepreneurship and the profits of casinos.

Mostly finance issues, which i really have no interest in.  Although I know this is expected considering that how happy a person is is measured by how they can live comfortably and not worry about the future, and to achieve that, it boils down to how much money you have in your pocket.

perhaps it is just fate that I have no compatibility with politics.

One thing that baffles me is that throughout my 1 and a half hour there, NO MANDARIN was spoken, except for greetings. 10% hokkien and melayu, the rest all english. One has to wonder, what the heck they were thinking planning their speech that way, considering the demography of Bedok and the fact that it has so many old people. I really pity those old people i see squeezing with the crowd totally looking stoned while others clap.

N still got cheek to talk about elderly being neglected. ptui.

you can argue that maybe they were leaving all the mandarin for last and i was just unlucky i stayed during the english section but srly la, it doesn’t take a genius to know that mixing it throughout is the right way to go. If the PAP can do it at the Hougang rally, why the WP cannot?

There was also this dude that didn’t seem to know when the growth and share package went in and kept saying that it was either today or tmr. HELLO TMR HOLIDAY LA DEY BANK DONT OPEN. AS A MATTER OF FACT TMR IS SUNDAY. HOLIDAY OR NOT BANK DON’T OPEN EITHER.

Let me tell you this, ppl with this kinda attitude usually are rich, they don’t bother with such trivialities and check their bank account to see whether the money go in or not. With this kinda attitude how are you going to relate to the poor? (I understand most of the politicians are ‘elites’ but aiya don’t show it so blatantly la. I want to TRY to sappork u oso cannot lei like that.)

One speaker was too soft. One speaker spoke too fast and was damn ching chong with what he was saying ‘You all decide who you want to vote for la har.’ I was like…. okkkkk…. -.- he probably made a solid statement before and was being smug about it but i really think it was inappropriate.

BUT I still wanted to give it a chance by staying longer, cause surprisingly, the mudslinging was at a minimal n there were still some points that appeal to me, like for eg foreign worker policies and housing. Sadly though my mom couldn’t take it cause she kept complaining about how there was no mandarin and she was just yawning all the way. So we were about to leave when i noticed that ALOT of people were leaving too. (OH yeah forgot to mentioned, the stadium WAS FULL. u couldn’t even see the green. all seats were taken too, ppl were sitting on the steps blocking other ppl from walking. really power)

had to squeeze to get out cause the exit was jammed up pretty badly.

Really, how do you expect me to be swayed with these kinda bullshit presentation. A friend of mine who is really vocal about politics mentioned before that politicians in rallies shouldn’t reason with those present, but instead RALLY the people into such furors they think they can defeat godzilla with their bare hands.

Heng no cockroach came and attack me ah! else i think I will most probably be defeated.

oh yeah i saw ice cream vendors with wp minature flags displayed all over their cart. haha interesting sight. I find it funny.

to sum it all up, I go in indifferent, i came out indifferent. But as negative as it may be, it is an experience n I’ll just treat that as the diamond i found in a pile of dog shit.

But now im in a dilemma! i feel i’m obligated to go for PAP’s one since i believe in looking at both side of the coin but wah liew i totally no motivation sia.

here’s hoping they will stream it tmr.

Worker's Party rally. Bedok Stadium. 30 Apr '11 9.2... on Twitpic

yep. that’s the amt of ppl that was there today. powerrrrrr

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