3 days and a half.

25 Apr

That’s like the time i had my last ciggie.

Wooooooooooo tough journey indeed. Been reading alot of quitting articles online.

Even got a ebook by Allen Carr – EasyWay To Stop Smoking. Only been through the first few chapters but it seems to be very reputable.

Excerpt from Wiki:

Based on their full money-back guarantee, Carr’s clinics claim a 95 percent success rate in helping smokers stop. Celebrity clients include Richard Branson, Anthony Hopkins, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlotte Church and Mahesh Babu (a popular Telugu film actor).

Allen Carr’s Easyway Endorsements

I understand endorsements sometimes can be biased so if you were to ask me about my opinion I’d say it is a pretty useful book, it gave me alot of insights and let me see things that I’ve never realised about smoking and nicotine in general,you know? Totally different from what the mass media is feeding us, and radical too, considering one of his claim is that his method does not require any willpower.

I’ve yet to finish the book so I can’t really say any more but just by reading 5 out of 44 chapters I’m already impressed so I’d definitely recommend it to ppl.

Now to talk about what I’m experiencing atm, in point form,

1) Moderate-strong cravings but it really isn’t that intense as compared to the 1st or 2nd day. Don’t know whether is it the gum or the book but I reckon it’s both. read online cravings should be peaking right about now(day 3 onwards lasting from a week to a month!!! lol) but I’m coping. They say for starters ppl should chew like 8-12 gums for the first 12 weeks, but I’m going strong with just ~5 a day.

2)  Food cravings and sugar cravings are INTENSE BROOOOO! but since I started with a healthier lifestyle a year ago I still can restrict myself by not eating too much, but that cannot be said of  SUGARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! it’s crazy foo’! I’ve been drinking bubble tea, eating fruits, eating oreos, eating raisin breads with nutella and shit and etc! But I’m still jogging and will consider jogging longer to make up for it. Anyway even though I may sound like I’m going berserk with the SUGAR!!!!!!! but really I try my best not to overload.

3) Just started today: my blood pressure is returning to normal i think, keep feeling light headed and that annoying ear popping syndrome. some tingling in the fingers. THIS IS A GOOD THING I TELL MYSELF!!!!

4) Sense of smell is improving, but taste is like still the same.

5) Really really trying to find things to do to keep myself off the thoughts and emotions. Pretty edgy n irritable from the cravings i’d say and You’d think that doing something that makes you happy or laugh(like watching funny shows) would help but not really!! you gotta moderate it since one of the many triggers of smoking is excitement and happiness too! this is tough but meh I’m coping.

6) Tiredness. God, you cannot imagine how tired I am but hey it beats having insomnia!

7) Concentration is not that sharp. Which kinda made me realised thats why I seem to be unable to read the book properly lool.

8) REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want the days to go by faster n let the cravings die off, I’d say that’s like the only major kuku thing that is making me feel annoyed about this whole quitting shitprocess. *POSITIVE THOUGHTS DINGO POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!*

9) I’m still staring at smokers, they suck. lol

10) There is no 10.

So that’s about it. Again I’ll update as I go along. It is good to keep this kinda journal according to advice from other quitters. You go back to read them at a later date to motivates yourself, they say. I’m just doing it to pass time.



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2 responses to “3 days and a half.

  1. xinyun

    April 27, 2011 at 12:01 PM

    jia you jia you! 🙂

    • Khaos

      May 2, 2011 at 12:24 AM

      thanks thanks!


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