If not now, then when? a bid to stay healthy.

23 Apr

So, I finally got it. Been contemplating for a longgggg time.

What really triggered it was quite a few factors.

1) Dad suffered from heart attack last year, and studies have shown if your family has it, u are most probably gona have it too. I don’t think I’ll enjoy going through what my dad did. and that scar on his chest, omg i have enuff already thank you very much (8 on my body at last count lol)

2) Picked up jogging last year. Keep thinking that my low stamina is due to smoking, which is really annoying. I mean yeah with regular jogging your stamina will improve regardless, but knowing u smoke and thus not being able to release your full potential kinda makes it annoying. If I want to stay healthy, then I gotta give it my all. no half-fucks!

3) Phlegm & cough. yeah two of the things that I fear the most. Before I started jogging, I think I hold the world record for persistent coughing, but after jogging the situation did improve but that was after a long time so the damage was already inflicted: I fear cough. So what better ways to reduce the chances of it happening than to quit? n phlegm! omg i was running the other day, and all these phlegm clogging up my throat was really torturous! totally couldn’t breathe properly and thus affected my run. Which is annoying.

4) when you get old, u fear death and thus u will do anything to stay healthy. or at least that’s how i think.

I’m sure there are more reasons but i meh those aren’t really as glaring as the top 4 i mentioned.

Anyway I’ve stopped smoking since 4+pm and have used up 3 gums since then. Here are my observations:

1) the more i chew the gum the more I feel like smoking for some reason. lol but it does help once i spit it out.

2) Strange, when i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out, i went cold turkey for 2 weeks, but now it’s not even 12 hours n oh the stress of not smoking is really coming to me. Maybe when ya ‘sick’ u just don feel like smoking? or probably it’s just the initial stress of knowing you are saying goodbye to a ‘friend’ u noe for 11 years.

3) I see people smoke i get fixated, not out of craving but more of disgust. like watching a dude stripping naked in the middle of the street. lol weird i noe.

4) Hunger pangs. and sugar cravings. My mom bought super sweet watermelon. like really super sweet. though i donno whether thats a good or bad thing.

5) Concentration is starting to wane. hohohoho *Deuuuuhhhhh* *Drooooool*

6) abit of runny nose? no biggie really.

7) The gum is really just an aid, the urge will still be there but it does help to curb it moderately. I wont say it totally eliminates the urge to smoke(maybe im using the wrong dosage? lol) but it’s much better than going cold turkey.

That’s about it I guess? I’ve read up abit about all these symptoms la. On average the shortest duration it will last is 1 week, longest, 6 months. Been reading about ways to cope with the withdrawal symptoms too and i think deep breathing and drinking more water is rather effective. I plan to increase my jogging frequency too! since it helps with the quitting process and u gain weight when u quit smoking. 😦

Anyway, I tell myself it is temporary la, and that I only have to last for so long to enjoy whatever rewards that may come from quitting smoking.

I’ll update my progress once in awhile. Hopefully, all goes well and i succeed.



Posted by on April 23, 2011 in Hear ye, No bullshit!


2 responses to “If not now, then when? a bid to stay healthy.

  1. tstar

    April 23, 2011 at 1:39 AM

    i’m so proud of you for doing this! 😀

    • Khaos

      May 2, 2011 at 12:24 AM

      thanks thanks! haha


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