XAI 1.4.8

06 Apr

I am as baffled as you are. Googling doesn’t bring up anything at all, official site’s 1.4.2.

Got this when I went down to RMA my old one (Damn thing just stopped moving one day! right click and other buttons kinda worked though)

Not really comfortable having something so critical YET unknown on the most expensive mouse I’ve ever got, so decided to drop steelseries a ticket.

It’s still processing now. Last msg I got from Mike said that he was surprised to see this fw too n will wait for the SW devs’ answer before getting back to me.

Sooooooo.. I’ll wait.


UPDATE: extracted the impt bits:

So as you may have heard already, the new firmware is for internal use only and will not be made a public release. It is used only for testing purposes at our factory and has no functional implications.

New mice will be shipped with that version which is also supported under the 1.4.2 version software. Upgrading firmware always poses a small risk of a corruption, etc… so we opted not to release it to the public without any functional benefit 🙂

Mike S
SteelSeries Support

Oh well I guess that’s that. At least I know my mouse is newer. lol

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