22 Mar

SO I finished katanagatari. Yeah abit slow but still.

Sigh what a nice anime. I wish I was smart enough to understand EVERYTHING but quite frankly it is not easy – plus I’m sure ppl would agree that fansubs are not 100% reliable, especially when you don’t understand Japanese itself. Something I feel that is very crucial when you are watching ‘deep’ animes. Also, I think the anime might have broken some links in the chain since the original light novel seem to have explained more, according to my research.

I also have this inkling that one must understand the concept of japanese culture(or at least the base of it) in order to enjoy Nisio Isin’s work, buttttt… I guess I could be wrong… hmmm

With that said though, I still think the anime did a pretty damn good job on its own. Art, music, dialogue, everything was pretty well done. If it wasn’t based off the light novel, it would probably have been from perfect > complete. lol

Anyway I would just like to say that overall, imo – what the ultimate meaning the anime was trying to convey… it is actually that everything is for nothing; the sword was for nothing, the fight between everyone – the shoguns, hitei, togame’s scheme, kiki’s change of history, the maniwanis, everything that looked like it had meaning during the first half of the anime, was shattered in the later half. The only true purpose of living is the things that you LEARN when driven towards your objectives, because at the end of the day, even if you do complete your objectives.. The world still spins and life still goes on.

It is not more of not having an objective than to have a meaningful way of achieving your objective without focusing too much on the end results. As serious and as depressing(sometimes) as the anime sometimes may get – at the end of the day,

drawing a map of the whole of japan is still a much more joyous thing to do than going around hunting for silly swords that you can just break on a whim. That is also the reason why I think I didn’t felt satisfaction whenever Shichika obtained a sword – it really just seems so pointless when so much dialogue beforehand already satisfied your doubts and made you understand the true meaning of each sword and its owner..

of course there are still things that the author was trying to convey but i consider those pretty minor so no point explaining. Overall this is just my personal opinion on the entire gist of things happening in the world of katanagatari.

Come to think of it, katanagatari is really very very different from bakemonogatari, in a sense that bake’s aim was solely character analysis and exploration and thus much simpler to grasp, but come to think of it, I shouldn’t be comparing the two of them since bake still has sequels that I can’t get my hands on.

Bottomline is, Nisio Isin is truly amazing.

Time for bed.

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