Dead Space 2 DLC for PC

12 Feb

The Escapist: Dead Space 2 DLC Packs Unlocked on PC

Skitcat’s advanced save game(with all elites blahblah unlocked) can be found here, just scroll abit down.

A save game that unlocks EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE DLCs can be found here.

List of the DLCs that are were ‘exclusive’ to the consoles version of DS2

All I want to say is: HAHAHAAHAHAH @ EA!!!!

UPDATE: Conduit Rooms Unlocker(no trainer required)

A little background info on the conduit rooms:

Locations and how to identify one pic

The doors were initially only able to be unlocked when one has a completed save game from Dead space ignition. it is like a storage room, except that there were bonus text/audio logs in them and even a new suit in one of the rooms.

We, PC gamers were of course royally screwed since EA decided that there will be no expansion for the PC version whatsoever.

Seriously EA you guys are a bunch of fags. At least don’t be such lazy asses and just port EVERYTHING over. It really shows how much you really give a damn about to your customers (PC ones, in this case)!

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