09 Feb

I am neglecting my blog! i blame it on all those microblogging tools: twitter, plurk even facebook.

Gone are the days where you consolidate every single interesting thing of the day/week/month of your life and one shot blog it out.

now people just vomit out things that happened instantly, which kinda gets annoying(to other people) whn u just so happen to be those easily amused types. lol

It just comes to the point where when u feel it’s really time to blog, there really isn’t much to say… except for things u don’t really feel is worthwhile to broadcast, or too long to.

With that said, I guess i’ll try to strive a balance and blog at least once a month. I still believe there are still some things you(or at least, I)prefer to type long stories about, and not just 140chars long.

Speaking of which, I want to buy dumbbells! 29kg interchangeable weights! but the online shop i’m looking at currently has those out of stock!

and i want a exercise ball too! seems like a good equipment to train your core muscles.. hohoho!

anyway army life’s been cool. i still have bout 5 months plus to go, but i’m not fretting since even though i cannot imagine myself saying this before – i quite enjoy the environment and all. Though there are people i wish i hadn’t known but hey! nothing’s perfect i guess. u just gotta adapt.

wah, after army i think i’m gona be lost. with all the finding job and taking a new path in life shit. hopefully my new job will suit me well.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY MUST HAVE MANY MANY CHIOBUS! Army life really restricting my choices… zzzzz


cause keeping it locked up for so long is really really really bad for my health. tsk.

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Posted by on February 9, 2011 in Thoughts


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