Growing old

21 Jan

I don’t think I’ll blend well when I grow old, cause i srly do not like to start topics about politics.

I’m ok right now when people talk to me about it, since at this age, there are much more exciting things to talk about hence you won’t really overkill the politics topic. plus its good to bitch about something once in a while.

but if I ask you what is the fav topic of old people? lol. Cab drivers, kopitiam people etc etc. all day all night garment this garment that. whine and whine and whine bitch and bitch and bitch. really really is too overkill liao. this one i cannot take it. no moderation at all.

I mean to me I just think that at the end of the day u talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so much, there will always be good and bad pts, regardless of what party u choose. it’s never perfect, especially when it’s on such a large scale. so unless I think I can do better and plan to start a politic party of my own, meh, i don’t see the point.

Hopefully I’ll not be too old to play games on my PC(if they still have such things)!

Either that or I think I’ll hafta join the lewd pek pek gang liew. meh…. there goes my CPF. 😦

Note: No offense to all my political buddies out there, you are free to still engage me in political views if you so wish. I understand that it’s really a very common topic n pretty much inevitable but pls just make sure you make sense and your views are valid. Thanks.

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Posted by on January 21, 2011 in Thoughts


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