Happy new year!

04 Jan

first post of the new year!

So see, i bought a razer deathadder a month back and was using it.

At first, I wasn’t really used to the sensitivity n dpi, and i just felt weird holding the stuff. Thinking it was the fact that it’s a completely different type of mouse from the one I’ve been using for years, I though I should give myself some time to get used to it.

Things started to improve at first, I got used to the sensitivity… but as time goes by i realised the improvements plateau, I just couldn’t hold the mouse comfortably enough n it made my wrist tire easily.

So yeah, I’ve decided to sell it.

I’m letting go of my Razer Deathadder 3500, bought on the 26th of Nov @ $65.

drop me a comment if ya interested. near perfect condition I say. hoho

Oh well, back to my old microsoft intellimouse 1.1a. I kinda regret getting the deathadder since now that I’m used to the higher sensitivity, I realised my intellimouse’s pointer speed is very very very SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

I wonder if I can get used to the old low sensi ways. would hate to raise the speed above the recommended 6/11. Meh.

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