huat ah!

04 Dec

I hate gambling on a daily basis, even though there was a time during my sec school days where i play MJsss like thrice weekly. what can i say, i think mj is fun, of course if only money’s involved. cause srly, mj is effing boring if there are no stakes involved, same for card games and etc.

Never had too good of a luck either. I blame it on my dad, he sucks away all the luck with his habitual gambling.  the biggest i’ve won back then was $100+. the most I’ve lost was $500+, and mind you that was when i was in secondary school. pain like ding dong!

anyway i would say nowadays i just don’t gamble(4D is like 10 years 1 time kinda, literally) at all unless it is special occasions (like cny) and i don’t mind losing money to you. Else apart from that I’d rather use my money for better things. like burning it, or flushing it down the toilet.

Anyway this is just a pointless post  in an attempt to counter the lack of updates on this blog.

Btw I hate how shipping is calculated when you are trying to ship something over from the US. what CIF, what insurance, what gst, omggg giving me a really bad headache. especially when you have like $380+ worth of goods to ship over. damn you VPOST! you better not drop my parcel outside my house when i’m not around else you guys are gona get it!



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Posted by on December 4, 2010 in Random-ness


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