Maria Holic S2! and others

28 Nov

omg i noe i am so wols but realllllllyyy this is soooooooooooooooooooooo…. *Squeal like a little girl*

Maria Holic TV Anime Gets 2nd Season Green-Lit

TRAP TRAP FTW!!!!!!!!!! (the blondie’s a guy fyi. rofl to ya if you think she’s hawt. …and rofl’ed to me too. derp.)

UPDATE: DUE TO BILL 156, MH S2 may get canned, provided they can release it before july! 😦

anyway pertaining to my previous post, I actually have an anime i’ve acquired up to epi 8 but never really watched until i finished the post. Well I did and i really gotta say,



really wtf did i watched? I mean… you know, a wise man once said that too much fan-service can ruin a nice plot, and i, being a huge fan of ermm.. fan-service tot that he was BS-ing. well until i watched star driver!


Heyyy i’m all cool with looking at sexy ladies wearing sexy outfits with no sitting manners and a viewing angle of their their legs criss crossing themselves a hundred times. but wow, this anime does it for so long and so many times it kindaaaa.. meh.

and please don’t make me start on the ultraman-ish part of the fighting. (AND THAT INCLUDES THE REPEATIVE-NESS!) sheesh. It was interesting in epi 1-3, but i just pretty much skip to the fighting whenever he appears after that. and that sailormoon-ish change? totally fan-service for the girls. yuck.

Story wise……… I personally don’t enjoy plots that tend to throw a few hundred pieces at you and make u slowly piece them together yourself like a jigsaw, but wellllllllll at least it isn’t TOO confusing and GENERALLY speaking, they pieced up pretty well up till now.

though sam the octopus-eater still kinda makes me feel reallyyyyyyy weird. i donno maybe it has a deeper meaning? i’m not really the type to think when i do something for leisure, i hate it in fact. it’s about relaxing, having a good time! what is leisure if you have to think!!!!

although ironically, NGE, GiTS and  Hayao Miyazaki’s works are some of my favorite animes/manga of all time. (princess mononoke was what got me into the whole anime/manga sheedingengs too) but then again those are rare exceptions.

well bringing things back to the point(Star driver that is), I’m contemplating dropping this, the story’s the only thing keeping me going (OKOK the fanservice too, minus the overload), so i’ll give it like.. 2 more episodes?

ah well.

Oh yeah, scott pilgrim vs the world was pretty much an awesome movie, i really wonder why there really isn’t much publicity and fanfare over here. hmmm.


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