Zakuro! and others.

27 Nov

So I’ve cut down a lot on the animes I’ve been watching.


lol such a nice anime.



funny as shit! this one. MM!



yeahhh awesomeee art and coloring technique!



Nice OP1. and I like the seriousness of the main character in comical situations. lol (whatever that means.. huh.)



and of course, this. Does it need any introduction?? I doubt it. it’s really just an anime that follows the traditional way and storyline. (ya noe, like naruto, one piece etc.) though lately it seems to have slowed down a lot.

Despite showing you the manga cover, I’m actually watching the anime.

I’m only reading 3 mangas at the moment: bleach, one piecea n naruto. n I’m really really taking my time to let it accumulate (Can’t stand reading a chapter a week. kills me deep inside)

That’s all.

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Posted by on November 27, 2010 in Recommendations


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