High DPC latency and HDD clicking

13 Sep

DPC latency

So I was encountering some really weird stuttering of my music whenever something intensive was going on. I tried hitting F5 continuously when my winamp was playing and the music started sounding really really trippy. I was encountering lag in-game(singleplayer!) even though my fps was fine for some reason, which totally baffled me.

So googled around, confirmed my suspicion that it was DPC lag by using DPC latency checker and tried to find a solution. I managed to narrow it down to my gfx drivers(i disabled it and everything worked ok again) but obviously that wasn’t the solution since disabling your gfx is equivalent to smashing yourself in the balls with a hammer as a gamer.

Was about to give up as whichever method i tried just didn’t work, until i accidentally stumbled upon something totally unrelated to anything I’ve googled previously.

Using Win7,

Go to control panel > under search type ‘power options’ > Select ‘High Performance’. (you may have to click ‘show additional plans’)

Problem solved!

I’ve also managed to discover something that may or may not be related. you can check it out here if this doesn’t work for you.

I really have no idea why or what is causing my computer to encounter this problem, but i’m glad I was able to solve it. Hope it helps you too!

HDD emitting weird clicking sound when accessing folders

So I just RMA’ed my HDD and I was getting this weird clicking sound from it whenever I try to access a big folder, which made me very very worried that I may have gotten a dud again. after googling for a while i managed to discover an issue with Windows 7 and its power saving feature. Even though I was using High Performance, Windows was setting my HDD to turn off after every 20mins of idle time I believe(I was using this HDD purely for storage).

So I set it to ‘Never’ in the options and it seems to have fixed the clicking noise, not been hearing it since ytd. Here are the steps if ya interested:

Go to control panel > under search type ‘edit power plan’ > ‘change advanced power settings’> ‘hard disk’ > ‘turn off hard disk after’ > and use the down arrow button to change the value to ‘Never’

Hope these helps! 😀

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Posted by on September 13, 2010 in Techie Notes


One response to “High DPC latency and HDD clicking

  1. Simon

    March 16, 2011 at 7:12 AM

    Seriously Thank YOU!
    I browsed for countless hours, trying DPC latency checker, RATT, disabling everything even buying an expensive audio sound card: NOTHING.
    High performance and it was ok…
    so pissed off but thank you!!


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