12 Sep

I bought my samsung F3 1tb 2 months ago and was pretty happy with the speed and all. (these babies are effing fast)

but sadly a few days back it started to encounter CRC errors all over the place, so did some self diagnostics that wasted a few significant hours of my life but I managed to fix it.

Few days later, tio again. KNN! this time just did a simple diagnostics to confirm the hdd is really gone(no point repairing, once a hdd tio bad sector is reliability = 0%) and went ahead to call Powermatic(the distro) to enquire about RMA procedures. Here is where the fun started,

Powermatic asked me to call a shop in SLS after getting my serial number, claiming that this shop handles RMA. I called the shop @ SLS and the guy who picked up gave me alot of reasons like they might not have the stock to do one-to-one and etc etc etc, basically the things the fellow said just gave me the impression that  he does not want to go through the hassle of helping me do RMA.

Then he asked me to call samsung hdd odd rma centre direct. and the lady FINALLY told me i could bring it down, provided i do up the rma and print it out.

Ok lo. Thankfully, the place was at ubi and quite easy to find. Plus the people there were all pretty friendly. One of the lady who did the RMA for me had this WTF expression when she found out my hdd chikababoom after only 2 months only.

out of curiosity, i asked her do people come down here to do RMAs? she just tell me usually is the distro bring them down. Hearing her said that just makes me think some ppl really is donno how to do their job. but nvm la ubi, close to my place so no complaints.

Anyway, here’s a heads up for those who have Spinpoints that needs replacing:

Address: 3015A Ubi Road 1 #07-01 Singapore 408705
Tel: +65 68412381
Fax: +65 68411682

Before going down do remember to print out your own RMA request, which can be acquired from:

Samsung RMA application

Nearest MRT is macpherson(Circle line) just look for A-Z building and follow the path up towards the bus stop, after that turn left and you will see the building with the blk number big big. Use if ya donno what the heck i’m talking bout.

It was 1-1 for me but I believe situation varies.  The lady claims that all their hdds are new and there are no refurbished sets there. but that doesn’t mean they cannot send it to another country for repair, as i’ve seen carton boxes with shipping addresses. So I’d say it’s best to call and check with them first.

Anyway I kinda think I know the reason why my HDD could have chikababoom so fast. My T3 Subwoofer is just right beside the tower. But THEN AGAIN! I have 2 more hdd that’s even older and working fine. I reckon maybe it’s cause the spinpoint is so fast it has a higher chance of being damaged? Well then Samsung needs go back to the drawing board, I guess. Still, seeing as they have made vast improvements from their F1 days, I wouldn’t really write them off just because of this incident. But of course I’ll also not be as eager as before. We shall see.

I’ve moved my subwoofer futher away now, hopefully it helps.

PS: went to the Pump Room and Clinic @ CQ just now. omfg, Clinic has some really expensive drinks. Sex on a Drip costs $50! i guess it’s the novelty. stillll, next time shall go find somewhere cheaper haha

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