post surgery.

31 Aug

So i had my stitches removed last wed, exposing a few holes in my mouth that didn’t really bothered me, UNTIL I EFFING ATE!

KNN! simi sai also fucking tat inside the hole, from rice to bee hoon to hashbrown to vegetable. the hole is really not small lo. best thing is the dentist didn’t even give me a syringe to rinse the sockets to dislodge the food particles, since it doesn’t just come out just by rinsing your mouth, no matter how hard u try.

so i went to buy my own. pretty useful but still goddamn fucking ley chey like shitttttttttttttttttttt.

Now I’m just plain deterred from eating anything other than my main meals. fruits, snacks blahblah u name it anything solid i won’t touch. Heard a complete recovery takes 2months, omfg sian to the halvessssss.

Anyway, i noe i’m abit wols but i’m reading one piece now. woot! not bad, not bad at all. But i don’t like the fact that it’s too ‘barney is a dinosaur’ friendly; ppl don’t die in this manga. no matter how fucking outrageous they get their ass finished off  by luffy. i hope things improve later on.

been reading since last sat, and i’m now at the sky island arc. agar 50% more to go! woot

Nico Robin is ♥


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Posted by on August 31, 2010 in Happenings


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