An end to the wisdom.

23 Aug

On 16th of august i went for my wisdom toothteeth extraction. all 4 was scheduled to be removed.

8 days later and here i am.

But actually I think apart from the first 2 days where i experienced drooling, bleeding, swelling and a headache akin to a 12.1 magnitude earthquake in my head, everything went sorta well.  I wasn’t bothered by the pain(actually there was really neligible pain, like probably 5%?  i’m really very surprised, probably the pain killers, but i only took them for like 3 days?)

and i was very diligent with regards to avoiding the dreaded dry sockets, i think i rinse my mouth in one week more than i rinse in my lifetime! and the food i ate, omfggggg tell me to do that on any normal week and i’ll kill myself.

Well the only thing that nearly caused me to breakdown was smoking.

since smoking drastically increases your chance of getting dry sockets, i told myself i will not smoke for a week. boy was it horrendous. It really amplified my negative emotions alot ok. i just think there were ppl on plurk or twitter who most probably got really annoyed at me at one point. lol

and in case you are wondering, i lasted 6 days cold turkey. really la had i gone another day i think you would have seen me in the news, and DEFINITELY not because I’m a famous food blogger and decided i want a free meal.

but i only smoked 1 stick a day for now, and I still say it’s a fucking big improvement so.. yay?

now the only thing im troubled about are the stitches, boy are they annoying, it’s like thousands of vegetable bits stuck to the back of your mouth with no way of removing! and my dental appt is on wed!! grr. and i have duty tmr! and the nsmen are having combat shoot tmr! which means they come early and return late, very late!

bah. this is the 2nd time i’m the duty personnel for combat shoot. and can you believe, right after my mc?? words cannot describe the swayness i feel.

ah well lppl suck thumb.


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6 responses to “An end to the wisdom.

  1. Daphne Maia

    August 23, 2010 at 3:44 PM

    eh u also jump on the bandwagon. tsk tsk.

  2. Daphne Maia

    August 23, 2010 at 3:45 PM

    from my experience, after day 6 or 7, there is a ‘tightness’ in the mouth where the stupid stitches are… and it gets super annoying. plus the loose strings make u wanna reach in n grab the strings and erm… yank them out. hahahahaha

  3. Khaos

    August 23, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    @1st comment, aiya i think that particular line is funny that’s all. im not gona judge anyone. seriously, whether the restaurant wants to give a discount/free meal/blowjob, it’s really their prerogative. outsiders who whine are most probably those that envy they can’t get a free meal themselves cause they’re not famous.

    There are many ways to treat someone who don’t pay ya know? bottomline is, i don’t noe this guy(or girl, or guy who thinks he’s a girl) so you won’t see me commenting anything more than that line. hahaahahaha

    @2nd comment, YES! THE PRESSURE! EXACT SAME FEELING OMGGGGGG DAPHNEEEEEEEEE why you not a dentist! u could have helped me cut the string or something. 😦

  4. Daphne Maia

    August 23, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    HAHA my mom who was a nurse, tried to help me remove the stitches too, (to save time of going to clinic n queue) but then she said it’s too difficult to remove, so in the end i still went to the dentist hahahah. might be a little painful whn they remove it, cos the thread might be embedded in ur flesh liao, thn they gotta dig it out. it sucks!

    (i’m not dentist cos digging around in people’s mouth isn’t one of my passions in life hahahah)

  5. Khaos

    August 23, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    yeah i kinda know what it’s gona be like cause i removed 40 stitches from my arm before. but i reckon since it’s the mouth and it’s all soft and sensitive and shit im gona feel more discomfort. wednesday faster come!

  6. Daphne Maia

    August 23, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    2 more days! gonna be uncomfortable sia.


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