I extracted 4 wisdom tooth.

17 Aug

My fucking balls are made of pure Titanium baby! oh yeahhhhh


For those of you who have no experience in wisdom tooth extraction and wondering how come got so many teeth inside, actually most are fragments of each individual tooth. for those that are still not outta the gum(i have two) they nid to cut the gum open and drill the tooth to shatter it, so can easily remove. so yeah that’s why u see the number of teeth here machiam like i took out 2 rows of teeth like that.

Anyway let’s recount the whole experience shall we?

Woke up ytd at 8.30am prepare to go NDC. reached there 9.45 register and all. waited.





knn wait from 10am till like 1+pm still haven’t my turn! the waiting area so cold somemore keep hearing kids screaming omfg i totally got pissed off and confronted the nurse to check how long it will take. End up I got abit guilty afterwards and smiled alot. lol

2.30pm finally was my turn. went in everything so hectic like siao ding dong. machiam like all ready want to go home like that. recalled this stupid nurse took one bloody metal tube thingy and stuck it really deep into my nose and squeeze some stinging med inside, make me tear like fucking maddddddddddd. i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking tulan with it but ya noe in that kinda situation it’s more of like you are more confused and nervous than anything. so the GA kicked in and i THINK i had a dream where i was just carrying on with my daily life.

You see, the power of GA is you sleep but your brain donno you are sleeping, since it’s not natural. end up when you wake up you also dono where you are and what happened. it’s pretty cool if ya into those trippy trippy sorta things, like me. lol

whole mouth totally no feeling. jaws heavy, tongue heavy, lower lips and tongue swollen and numb. Throat was sore due to the breathing tube stuck deepthroat-ed into my mouth and there’s even abit of abrasion on the left corner of my lips! But nothing was as worse as the 12.1 magnitude headache resonating in my head. and oh yeah the inability to swollen when there’s shit tons of mucus and thick blood! It just kept onnnnnnnnnnn generating yo.

tried to swallow end up knn choke on the blood and it flew into my nose. i think now still got abit of dried blood in my nose but meh.

so rest rest abit discharged. Go home the GA effect still there and i was feeling pre-tty trippy and high. And the bloody blood and mucus. You can’t spit cause it might dislodge the blood clot, which in turn might get you dry sockets. and by googling the effects of dry sockets, i really didn’t think it was worth it. So i let the blood and mucus dribble outta my mouth. totally looked and acted like a retard ok.

plus i was totally menstruating from my mouth la. how great was that?

Surprisingly, compared to the first time i was under GA and felt like vomiting for hours, this time, i went back and felt ravished. appetite was good and I wanted to eat things. but sadly due to the mouth in such condition all i did was drank ensure and eat ice cream. hurhur.

so like a few hours later, my brain telling me to sleep but the uncomfyness just kinda didn’t make me want to at all so ended up chatting on msn till 12+ bathe then sleep. Speaking bout bathing, since you can’t really open your mouth hahahha I nearly drown in sprinkler water. lol

Went to bed bracing myself for the next day, since i reckon after the anesthesia wears off I’m gona be in a universe of hurt! (my wisdom teeth were all in kuku places before the extraction, so it can be considered as complicated. ppl with nice growing wisdom teeth are those kind that most probably won’t feel much pain doing extraction. it’s those like me who have complication and needs to do alot of drilling and digging, the trauma in the mouth is most definitely gona be more epic compared to those who just pull their wisdom teeth out, so yeah.)

Woke up today, feeling more or less the same. swelling increased and slight headache still there, but strangely NO PAIN at all… till now! I’m worried man, I mean it’s either the dentist is fucking skilled (NDC ROCKS!) or the painkiller still there or something wrong somewhere liao, i mean you just look at the teeth above, those reddish pinkish thingy are remnants of my GUM! i reckon if you had this much of your gum ripped out you ain’t gona be dancing happily in the meadows, with sappy countryside music, ya noe?


ate watery stuff(goldhill mash potato rocks! and maggie oatmeal porridge – chicken mushroom flavor) and drank ensure.


Ensure is nice sio. but bloody expensive la.

Not really filling i feel. but oh well i don’t have much choice either.

btw, Since smoking increases your chance of getting dry sockets, i’ve told myself I will  not smoke for at least a week(dentist recommended a week oso) Right now, still good la but i got abit of cravings………………. arghhh annoying shit. but i will persevere!

Lets see how long i can last. Will update more should there be any interesting development. Right now I’m gona go cook me some watery stuff. still hungry!

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