19 Jul

So I changed my glasses’ lenses at these particular shop in bedok.

And I felt weird after receiving them. Went back to the shop to check it out but the dude insisted there was no problem whatsoever with it.

Kinda annoyed so i went to the shop i got the frames at to seek a 2nd opinion(optlabel). Bloody hell end up they REALLY prescribed my degrees wrongly. So i just changed back the old lenses on the spot.

Really am pleasantly suprised by the staff at optlabel. the first time i go i already had a good impression. This time, i really really really felt their service was top notched. Especially this Dude by the name of Roy. He did the eye test for me, spent quite some time explaining and answering my questions, offered to replace the old lenses FOC. AND! during the process, his colleague chipped one of the lenses and he insisted on making a new one for me FOC, AGAIN.

His service was so powerful, to the point I actually felt so paiseh for wasting so much of their time. In the end, I felt I had to contribute something so I decided to buy a micro-fibre cloth from them. (Cute cat face!)

really la hor, I highly recommend this place if ya looking for glasses. I mean, wow, I was literally desperate to find something to buy from their shop!

Their glasses are all affordable too, and since they originate from Japan so I’m sure there’s really nothing to worry bout in terms of quality.


Check them out, will ya?


(Thank goodness I do not encounter this kinda service in atas shops, else i tell u i will really go pop.)

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Posted by on July 19, 2010 in Happenings, Hear ye


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