MWTS: LG 1952T 19” monitor

11 Jun

Yep AM GOING TO sell mine as I’m getting a DELL U2311H!

Placed my order and it has been confirmed, will have to wait for it to arrive before I can proceed with the sale of this one, but since I have the time I might as well do up the ad first.

So if you don’t mind waiting, read on!



No Bright and Dead pixels at all. (or at least none that I can see)

Purchased in the year of Jan 2007. No longer under warranty. Pretty much in good condition except the wires are abit dusty/yellowish and the adjustable stand has a minor problem which I find a bit complicated to describe due to my bad english. But I’ll try,

Basically you can tilt the screen up or down with the stand, but probably due to age the stand has loosen and a minor tilt doesn’t lock the monitor in place and it will just slide back down to its original position.

It’s not a very big deal and I just rectify the problem by using a piece of paper, like this:


Apart from that everything is in good order.


Comes with everything, including the box.

SO now, for the price.

$90 SGD

Self collect at Bedok Central.

If you are happy with this arrangement feel free to msg me. Once my DELL monitor comes I’ll release this immediately.(probably a few more days to go) Thanks!

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