I would blog more.

16 May

If i didn’t have to log in everytime i use wordpress.

Not that I don’t know there is a remember me and all function, but i clear my cookies and cache and registries and whatnot regularly.

ok that was just excuses, i am just fucking lazy.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYY just got back from ironman 2. Yeah i noe im a bit late, but hey. better late than never!

Naissss. Gwyneth Paltrow(yes i googled her name) is damn tmd pretty. and robert downey is tony stark, literally.

mickey rourke is awesome as ever. Ever since I watched The wrestler, i’ve positioned him inside my top 10 lists of  actors who really know how to act.

and yes, Scarlett’s body is still a man-eating monster.


next up, The Hangout at prinsep. in case peeps doesn’t know what the heck ppl do here, it’s basically a place for you to chill and play board games/console games.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The cheese fries were awesomeeee!

kay bye

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Posted by on May 16, 2010 in Happenings


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