ME2? No thanks.

26 Mar

I realised that I don’t particularly enjoy playing games that are either too draggy, or contain too many choices that requires you to RESTART the game a 2nd(or the Nth) time just to get ALL the choices.

i am a selective perfectionist, I perfect things (imo, of course)  in most things i do in my life, but when it comes to gaming, i don’t really feel like attempting perfection. As a  matter of fact, I abhor it, because to me a game is to let you unwind, so whats the point of being so serious and gung-ho about it?

but then, a part of me says that IF YOU DON’T PERFECT IT! YOU ARE FAIL!

It kinda creates a conflict and pisses the shit outta me.

So when I choose a game, I make sure it is those simple, go through the story, complete it once, throw it away kinda game..

Another thing is I am a story-driven player. If a game has a bad story I usually will uninstall it almost immediately. and when i do complete it, I already know the gist of the story and hence has no motivation whatsoever to play it a 2nd time.

So, as much as I want to play ME2, the idea of using ME1’s save and the concept of multiple choices affecting the game drastically deters me strongly.

I shall just whack Just cause 2.

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Posted by on March 26, 2010 in Thoughts


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