CNY Hoots!

31 Jan

went out to shop for CNY clothes. bought a pair of jeans, 2 pair of berms, 2 tees, 1 shirt, some hidden socks and a pair of sperry’s.

walked from 1.30pm to 11pm. so less talk moar pics!



Sperry bahama off white


wooooo i love this pair of skinny’s, first of all it’s superduper cheap, 2nd of all the material is 2% spandex and 98% cotton, hence it’s really damn comfortable! and i love the color. went to alter the length though since for a skinny, it’s a bit too long. overall super satisfied.


Novelty shirt from bugis. “Good guy” in big characters. the white words, combined together, makes “hard to be a good guy” for those who can’t read mandarin. there’s a ‘HAO’ (first big character seen here) behind as well.


same. the three white letters read ‘I AM NOT’ and the big ones read ‘cheap person’ literally. there’s a ‘JIAN’ (first big character seen here) at the back.

There are a couple of other design too and apparently all these clothes were worn by famous singers like wang lee hom and etc. can go bugis street 2nd floor find if ya interested.


only saving grace is this is not entirely white, they just could see the stripes



I like recoil’s berms, cheap and nice quality. currently own 4 pairs. above 3 are all recoil’s.


From Zara: Men. this pic is has a smaller resolution cause i realised the original’s left-right edges shows a large portion of my hairy legs. totally spoils the pic therefore i cropped it.

❤ the Zara and the pair of skinny’s.

Total Damage: $271.

Surprisingly within budget. still got $29 at my disposal. shall save it for food and etc. overall money well spent and i’ve completed the task with resounding success!

Anyway just for fun,

JJ bought 1 shirt, 1 berms, a pair of freaking ONITSUKA TIGER without even blinking an eyelid, 2 pair of jeans ,  a bag,  some hidden socks (we shared) and… and…. I think that’s all?

His damage more powerful than mine, and it’s still not finished yet! good luck to him.

PS: btw, If you were observant throughout the pics viewing, u will realised that i have a very dull and monotonous wardrobe, but obviously i like it so yeah.

that’s abut it. darn tired now. sleeps.

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