New year post

01 Jan

Yeah. When ya in the army, there really isn’t much in life that is blog worthy, so in an attempt not to let this blog die off (I REFUSE!) i shall take this chance to blog about 2009 (read: just an ordinary update about my life that has been backlogged till chiat lat chiat lat), since it’s already 2010!

yay to first post of the new year! 1/1/2010!

Oh yeah, btw for some reason i do not like the number 2010. i donnoe why, i just dont.

Anyhoo, i had my first taste of  ‘duty on a major ph eve’, new year’s eve to be exact. it was uber boring, obviously nothing to talk about except i just want to relate this damn kuku incident that happened while i was sleeping. (Oh yes, i slept early on nye. 9 fcuking pm!!!! HO SEH!)

ok u see, for my side, duty consist of storeman and orderly(and also regulars la but those are out of the incident so bo chups), both are usually NSF. and we get to sleep together in a DAMN BIG ROOM.

So when it was time to sleep, i picked a spot, put my mattress and promptly went to lalaland.

at about 3+am i was jolted awake by snoring, damn loud, i look upwards and i saw the orderly’s face facing me, snores coming outta his mouth. I was like.. ‘WTF!?!? whole damn room so big whytf you choose to sleep directly beside me!?’

Luckily I slept at 9pm so right now i ain’t so shagged or grumpy. but the snoring from him rendered my alarm clock useless.

..I suddenly have this tot! I should have just flipped 180° and made him snore to my feet!!! argh.

i am just puzzled why the heck he want to sleep beside me, considering the fact that this was the first time i’ve seen him and we didn’t even talk much during duty. oh well.

Moving on, some updates,

Revocated from storeman to storeman clerk as i told my mo about back problem. My friend summed up this in one sentence perfectly,

Same shit, different smell

Though i really like this smell than the previous one! My Ma’am is an awesome Lady, great to work with. 😀


Changed from smoking mainstream pre-rolled cigs in a box, to old-school premium roll-it-yourself ciggies. STORMKING! Partly, cause i find the rolling process interesting and cool, other hand, it’s cheap as hell considering the amount of tobacco you can roll.

Camp is implementing stay in for this year onwards, managed to get excuse stay in, but only temporary. -.- shall see how it progresses.

Ah fats is having persistent gastric problems lately. I just hope and wish that nothing happens to him and he will recover fast fast!!! ❤ kitty!

errr that is the best i can come out with liao. freshest of the lot in my memory bank. Those who are NSF or (NS) should understand, when ya inside ya brain power tend to deteriorate drastically.

bah. that’s all. hopefully it won’t be too long till my next update! Adios

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