Haw Par Villa!

25 Oct

JJ and me was very bored today, with no plans for anything after lunch. So think think think we decided hey! let’s go visit some place we have never been to or seldom been to for a change. Since it was hard to randomly think of a good place to go, we checked the interchange’s route map and picked somewhere very very far, Jurong Point! (I stay in the East in case ya wondering)

so off we go to take a bus(YES A BUS!) there.

halfway through we spotted…….



FREE ADMISSION! WTF! THIS PLACE STILL AROUND! so we faster pressed the bell and got down the bus. HAHAHA so exciting. I’ve only  been there once, and that was when i was like what? 4 years old? Anyway this place really darn retro. I mean had we not chanced upon this place, I would never have known it still existed. Anyway,




I now then know Haw Par Villa was actually created by the tiger balm brothers after reading this plaque. hurhur

Anyway we tot it would be cool to visit the 10 courts of hell, since i really like this kinda things since i was young. Don’t ask me why, i just do.


$1 for adults, 50cents for children


I’m quite the superstitious fellow, So i didn’t really take photos of the deities and other mystical beings displayed around the place. But i tot cow head and horse face are two very popular bros, and they were outside the entrance, so meh, no harm i guess.

Quite interesting inside, reading the descriptions of the different types of punishment and displays of ghosts and demons torturing spirits that were evil in their past life.

Just so you know, possession of pornographic materials will get you sawn into half!



The eight immortals invading some kinda water palace, i think this is the only display that is the most exciting.

Overall, the place isn’t that big but since it was situated on a hill it was pretty tiring to climb all the way up, plus lately the weather’s been such a bitch. So I wasn’t really in the mood to take more photos.

Before we left, we saw some displays being restored and repainted. Good to know someone actually gives a damn. some of the statues you can see are abit worn and have fallen under the mercy of time.

P1040434 edited

Time changes things I guess. when we were there i think the number of visitors couldn’t have exceeded 50. I can’t even remember how it was like when i went there for the first time.. hmm oh well.

After the visit we continued on!

Reached JP at about 6pm+. we left at 3pm. so if we minus the pitstop at haw par, i think total time taken was about 2 hours? damn butt rot to the max.

craving for japanese, but jp not much japanese food lei. Kuishin bo so effing exp sia. Ichiban boshi oso. zzzz

so we decided to try Men-ichi!



Add $4 for the gyozas and this… it has a name but i forgot is what. basically just rice covered with an omelette that has mushroom+crab in it.

Tokyo ramen for me. Spicy tonkatsu for jj.

I think it is not bad la, It’s nothing really fancy fancy like ajisen, but it does have this ‘classic’ kinda feel to it. plus it’s not that exp. Total bill was about $30++?

Walked JP awhile(man this place is big) and JJ went home while I go meet azabu sabo girl for supper. Had spinach chicken and naan. Boy can I eat! I wanted to order Ice Cream one lor, but decided against it since I didn’t want to overeat.

Keep fit stay healthy man!

Ok la that’s all nothing else to say. You noe? I think this is the most ‘exciting’ thing i’ve done since I went in to be slave for our country.. hahaha next, next week we may be going cck! woot

over and out.


Posted by on October 25, 2009 in Happenings


2 responses to “Haw Par Villa!

  1. Jessen

    October 25, 2009 at 10:56 PM

    I’m going Singapore during Christmas, perhaps I can visit this place too. Free admission is very tempting :p

  2. wayangtimes

    October 26, 2009 at 12:07 AM

    jessen, i don’t think it is worth the effort at all even if it is free! go to sentosa instead at $2 per entry. but stock up on tid bits and drinks at the supermart in Vivocity to avoid paying overpriced stuff in sentosa.


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