die ulcers!!!1!

20 Oct

I have 2 freaking ulcers stuck in my mouth now. one below my tongue(fucking annoying bitch) and the other way back, beside my right bottom molar.

I hate ulcers with a vengeance, not because of the pain but more of the inconvenience of not being able  to eat certain types of food(because i hate them, i want them to heal faster, thus i become very anal towards what i eat!) and the feeling of something foreign inside my mouth!

Hence, my usual practice when I have ulcers is to follow this really fucking hardcore procedure until it heals,

Step 1) rub salt on affected area until the pain subsides. (this is really the most effective way imo. diluting it in water is for pussies btw.)

Step 2) Go gurgle listerine or whatever super strong mouth wash that burns your mouth twice a day; once in the morning and once before you sleep.

Step 3) BRUSH YOUR TEETH! (WITH OR WITHOUT ULCERS of course, but just in case there are some people who don’t know brushing your teeth helps)


Step 4) This really depends on individuals, but usually when i have ulcers it means I’m heaty, hence Eno fruit salt helps.

Step 5) Go buy something call ‘watermelon frost’, and apply as and when you like. (min. 3 times a day)

An example:

This thing is very effective, as long as you don’t itchy tongue go and keep playing with your ulcers when the coat of powder is on your ulcer. I suggest you apply it before you sleep if your tongue is just too active.

Actually it’s not really necessary to go through all 4 steps, any one will do. Salt works the best as i’ve mentioned previously. I just prefer to do all of them at one shot and my ulcers usually heal in a day. two max.

Now excuse me while i go rinse my mouth and brush my teeth before i go sleep! Adios

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Posted by on October 20, 2009 in Happenings, Recommendations


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