15 Sep

Wah it’s been very very long since we, the 5 generals of white rabbit mountain, had a bbq. Last time alot one lor. i think the one before this was like wayyyyy before anyone was in the army.

So yeah decided to hold one last sunday. wanted to go for sat one, but sgrean damn kiasu, very fast sat ecp all gone. so bo pian lo.

bought food. lotsa food. and as usual cannot finish must bring home/throw away. (HOLY! I suddenly remember I have taiwan sausage in my freezer!!!) haha and I realised we are all old pokes liao. bbq never eat much, stay there oso not so long. but i guess that’s cause the following day is working day for them la.

anyway, that’s about it. nothing much to say when ya having a bbq. so…. pics!


all we bought was the usual easy to eat kinda food, for eg. fishball la, chicken chop la, sotong ball la, seaweed chicken etc etc.


Leslie’s gf in turquoise.


eee mass produced otah sucks. but ok we oso donnoe how to home-make so suck thumb.


Do you see a Cyclops? hahahaha EYE POWAA!


standard. 3000 years oso no change one.



leslie’s gf’s mashed potato was teh awesome, even though they are those instant kind.


The 4 generals.



night timeeeee




Just trying flash no flash got what diff.


guess whooo lol


ok a bit dark, but that’s Ah-dumb’s girl. as you can see everyone knock out liao no more food can go in. But really still got alot lo. lol. overbought!

Yep that’s all, spent about 3 hours there nia. but fun la.

kay that’s all.

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Posted by on September 15, 2009 in Happenings


One response to “BBQ!

  1. beckgiggsy

    September 17, 2009 at 10:33 PM

    eeeee. my pics all sucx


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