Purple light

21 Aug

Went to Discovery Centre today to visit the Army Museum, not a bad experience, worth looking and learning about the history of Singapore and the Army.

Seriously, If it wasn’t located at freaking Joo Koon, I’d most probably go on a Sunday since 11B is free, somemore can bring 2 friends lei. (cause today go very rush, some things i want to see but cannot. MOVE FAST!)

and now I am at home, doing the freaking laundry, going over to mom’s for dinner later.

Nothing much to say, except Army is seriously making me fucking forgetful and stupid. Bloody Emerald Helm of Stupidity!(credit: Lycan2046) -100 to intelligence!!

take today, I remembered i took out my kiwi, but donnoe for what fuck reason, i never put inside my field pack, then now i just cannot remember where the kiwi is. neybay.

And this is just one of the COUNTLESS examples of me cocking up while i’m in there lor, and i don’t like it. bah.

oh yeah, i have a blister on my right heel. not at the Achilles tendon there, rather below it, very near the sole. bloody pain la.

Anyway next week is hell week, So yeah, I’m gona enjoy my weekend!!!!!!!


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