Make WLM09 remember your Live ID, Open hotmail in IE from WLM

07 Jul

I am plagued by these two problems when i upgraded to WLM09, I mean seriously, opening your hotmail on Firefox is ok, but the problem here is, FF refuses to remember your hotmail login details, thus making you enter the same thing each time you need to login to your hotmail.

Of course there are javascripts to make FF remember, but these methods are not really as good as just logging into IE automatically.

And of course WLM09 forgetting my ID, I don’t even know why that is so. Though Jonathan Kay claims that it is caused by yahoo toolbar, but i no has it.


Anyway, Jonathan Kay is such a freakingggggg awesome dude, he was the one that helped me downgraded to 8.5 from 09 previously (i decided to go back to 09 though, once they updated it. heh.)

and now, he manages to solve the aforementioned problems i described.

NO LONGER DO YOU NEED TO TYPE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD REPEATEDLY, EVERYDAY when you want to check your mail or login to wlm09(sometimes)!

Just go over to his livespace and browse around, i’m sure you will find what you’re looking for in regards to WLM09.

What’s more, his problem solving methods are usually quite idiot-proof, so it’s perfect for all users.


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Posted by on July 7, 2009 in Techie Notes


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