TPB court case.

30 Jun

So I’ve been following TPB’s court case,

The first judge, Tomas Norström, that found them guilty was found out to be a member(or members?) of some(or a number of?) anti-piracy group(s), but the guy who found this out, said that this was not reason enough to prove that he was being biased in his judgment.

And this guy, Anders Eka, has the final say and it is not appealable.

Curious thing is, Anders Eka, I quote,

“heads in an immaterial rights organisation as Peter Drowsky and Monique Wasted, the MPAA and Ifpi-lawyers. However, he does not feel that working together with the lawyers that enjoys this decision the most has an impact on his decision or that he might be biased himself…”

That means he himself is the big head of some kinda ‘protect the rights of big companies and corporations who earns shit tons of money yet claims that they are losing money due to piracy’ group.

To me, that’s like asking Hitler to judge whether Heinrich Himmler is guilty of massacring the Jews, in other words, fucking utter bullshit that makes George Bush’s claims of WMD being stockpiled somewhere deep in Iraq look like it was really a fact.

It just goes to show how the rich can just do anything they want and bend everything to their own will.

This kinda things disgust me, but what to do? Humans ARE disgusting in the first place.

Original Post here

PS: I quote:

Tomorrow, we will probably file charges against the swedish legal system to the european court of human rights.

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