Michael Jackson – King of Pop

27 Jun

I was at a rather influence-able age when Michael Jackson dominated local TV.

I remember the first time I saw his movie, ‘Moonwalker’.. It was really.. quite an experience, as a matter of fact, a few months back I acquired the movie again and re-watch it. bought back memories.

Countless MVs, his concerts, songs, the famous moonwalk, his biography.. everyhing being broadcast on the TV, I was exposed to. He was practically the coolest star on earth at that time.  And of course, when you have gain a certain amount of success, people will start imitating you.

and since I couldn’t do the moonwalk, the next best thing was the hip thrust, grab crotch and go ow!

And just like all little boys trying to show off and look cool, I decided to show the this ‘dance’ to a girl without knowing that it is a, well.. you know? Oh ffs I was like 10? or 9 then? I tot it was cool whattttt!! I mean, MJ did it! how can it be wrong?!!?

Nevertheless, My teacher caught me, and gave me a tongue lashing of immense proportion. I think he even made me do push-ups, and I didn’t even know why I was wrong at that time.

“This teacher must not like Michael Jackson very much!”

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, and I really liked him, his music and his style. Even though he may have his lows, I believe what he had contributed to the music industry far overshadows the cons.

Nevermind he was unable to make a comeback, cause I believe he is already an icon of his own – a legend, long long ago.

I mean, just browse through every single kind of media out there, name me one who isn’t populated by Michael Jackson right now.

Twitter crashed. Wikipedia’s entry of him got screwed so bad before his death was officially announced, your facebook got spammed, etc etc.

Heck the only person’s demise I remember generating so much buzz equal to Michael Jackson’s was Princess Diana.

..Sigh, King of pop, you will be missed.

May you Rest In Peace, MJ

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Posted by on June 27, 2009 in No bullshit!


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