New Hoots!

18 Jun

hohohohoho got a good deal from Corbell, they extended their IT show promo for their MSI Geforce N275GTX TWIN FROZR OC EDITION till the 21st. This card is so limited I was advised to make a reservation, which i did.

Went to SLS – PC themes to collect my card today.




got a scare when i try to install the GFX, It is 270mm long! and it NEARLY probably 1mm, 2mm, touched my HDD bay. omg heng no problem can fit inside nice nice.

Another thing is when i update my gfx driver it never ask me to restart, it will change the resolution for me and just ask me click ‘Finish’. I got go restart the com myself la, and apart from that, there’s no problems. but it’s just abit.. hmm donnoe? nagging? I shall observe for awhile.

Also got a Hitachi 1TB ver. B for fun. Time to decommission my 6 years old 80GB hitachi. Damn Reliable Hitachi, no problems and cheap oso. I recommend!~

$138 for that.

Total Damage = $527

I shall go eat grass now.


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Posted by on June 18, 2009 in Shopping


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